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Oilfield Services

Well Drilling

With operational capability and experience in complex surface landforms and geological conditions, our drilling crews provide sophisticated drilling engineering and technical services in 29 countries outside China, such as North Sudan, Kazakhstan, Venezuela, Iran and Indonesia.

Well drilling and completion:

  • 06e6807b9eae4b09b0d7748b65149d1d Wireline logging
  • xb_03 Deep and ultra-deep wells
  • xb_03 Horizontal, cluster, directional and multi-lateral wells
  • xb_03 Underbalanced drilling and air drilling
  • xb_03 Engineering with special techniques including sidetrack drilling, slim hole drilling, extended reach drilling and drilling with casing
  • xb_03 CBM wells

Drilling and coring
Top drive service
Drilling, completion and workover fluids
Reservoir protection and formation damage prevention
Recycling and treatment of waste drilling fluids
Overhaul and intervention of oil wells