The Story of Roz Mamat Barker

In Xinjiang Oilfield Company, 25.7% of the employees are ethnic minorities, and nearly one quarter of them are oilfield management personnel, core technical talents and core skilled talents. Roz Mamat Barker is an outstanding representative.

Roz Mamat Barker is of Uygur ethnic minority from Hotan, Xinjiang, and works as an oil production team leader in Xinjiang Oilfield. He has improved his skill through the Company' s various development platforms over 23 years of career development. At the very beginning, he didn' t understand Chinese and oil production, but now he is a promoter of Mandarin Chinese and he' s a training coach and a national technical expert in the oil production industry.

He has provided oil production training for over 10,000 person times, and helped employees of ethnic minorities learn Mandarin and master skills. After becoming the head of oil production team, he innovated the management model and the composite decline rate of oil production under his supervision stood at 9%. The technical exchange website ( set up by him has received more than 400,000 visits, making it an influential platform for oil workers to learn skills and share experience and information.

Roz Mamat Barker has set up the "Innovation Studio" with core employees in his team, and carried out technical breakthroughs with 16 national level patents, making great contributions to the profitability of the oilfield. Under his leadership, his team has won more than 30 honors, including "National Exemplary Collective for National Unity and Progress", "Top Ten Unit for Culture Building by Company Teams in China", "Top 1000 Exemplary Unit of CNPC" and "Iron Man Pioneer of CNPC".

The story of Roz Mamat Barker has motivated a lot of dream-seekers. He explained the importance of knowledge and the charm of outside world to his fellow villagers. More than 100 children who had dropped out of school went back to school from wheat field, workshops, and markets after learning about his story.

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