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Technology and Innovation

As the exploration and development of oil and gas proceed, there are fewer oil and gas resources that are easy to discover and tap, and the produced petroleum is becoming more inferior. To satisfy ever increasing energy demand and meet higher environmental protection standards, our technological R&D and innovation is focused on increasing the exploration success ratio of complex oil and gas reservoirs, enhancing the recovery efficiency of mature oilfields, developing unconventional hydrocarbon resources, improving the quality of refined and chemical products, and ensuring environmentally friendly operation.

We continue to improve the management system for technological innovation, optimize the allocation of R&D resources and promote in-depth scientific and technological exchanges and cooperation. This has resulted in a number of R&D achievements, which provide strong support to our efforts to tackle technical difficulties in oil and gas production.

We have further improved our technological research system to reallocate and leverage the innovation resources at our affiliated research institutes, technology centers and regional companies. We also accelerated the construction of technology enablement platforms, resulting in enhanced lab/testing capabilities.

Now we have 82 research institutes, 55 key laboratories and test bases with a total number of more than 33,000 researchers.