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Speech at the Dinner of the Forum on Climate Change and Science & Technology Innovation

Wang Yilin, Vice President
April 24, 2008

Ladies and gentlemen,

On behalf of CNPC, I'd like to welcome our friends from home and abroad who are participating in the Forum on Climate Change and Science & Technology Innovation. We feel truly honored to be sponsoring this event.

Climate change has an impact on all countries in the world, and climate change is no longer a concept known only to a minority of people, but a reality that affects our daily life and the survival of future generations. This forum has provided us with a platform to exchange knowledge on the latest technologies and practices in response to climate change. Our joint efforts will improve the quality of life for all of humankind. Here, on behalf of CNPC, I'd like to show my gratitude to you for your efforts.

I want to point out that it is the duty of both governments and companies to actively respond to climate change and control greenhouse gas emissions. In the past few years, CNPC has been taking action to curb GHG emissions and has adopted a scientific outlook on development to run our corporation in order to honor our corporate social responsibilities. We control and reduce GHG emissions through energy conservation, technological innovation, and the development of low-carbon and new energies. In order to support international academic activities on the control of GHG emissions, CNPC donated 300 million RMB to establish the China Green Carbon Fund together with the State Forestry Administration and the China Green Foundation. We will continue our support in this field and make new contributions to the reduction of GHG emissions. 

Peace, cooperation and development are the desire of the international community. We have to join hands to realize the goal of cutting GHG emissions and the reversal of climate change, which involves people across the globe. Without the attainment of this goal, there will be no sustained development or long-term peace. This forum is a basis for such cooperation. So long as we strengthen our unity and cooperation on the basis of friendship, mutual benefits and equality, we will surely realize the goal of reducing GHG emissions.

In closing, I wish this forum a complete success and all of you health and happiness.

Thank you very much.

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