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Refinery and Chemical Plant

CNPC is capable of designing and building 10Mt/a refining and 1Mt/a ethylene facilities. In China, we are the leader in independently developed technologies for the production of 400Kt/a ABS resin, 400Kt/a polyester, and 1.2Mt/a PTA. We have also developed technology packages for the production of 450Kt/a synthetic ammonia and 800Kt/a urea.

Liaoyang Petrochemical’s Revamp and Expansion Project for Russian Crude Processing

On the basis of its existing 9 Mt/a capacity, Liaoyang Petrochemical revamped five existing units and newly built 11 instillations for residual hydrogenation and catalytic cracking to ensure the highly efficient use of Russian crude oil. The project became operational in September 2018 with a capacity to produce 2.6 million tons of gasoline and 3.3 million tons of diesel fuels peryear. The project has contributed to a diesel-gasoline ratio down to 1.27, which can be further reduced to 1.06 by an increase in jet fuel output, and achieved a 570,000-ton increase in aromatic hydrocarbon production, with the technical indicators and energy efficiency further improved.

Phase II renovation project of Shymkent Refinery

Jointly operated by CNPC and KMG (KazMunaiGas), the Shymkent Refinery is one of the three largest refineries in Kazakhstan. Launched in 2014, the renovation project was pushed ahead in two phases. Phase I renovation project started operation on June 30, 2017, improving the gasoline quality from Euro II standard to Euro IV and Euro V standard so as to meet Kazakhstan’s clean fuel requirements. Phase II renovation project of Shymkent Refinery in Kazakhstan became operational on September 28, 2018, With the completion of Phase II, Shymkent Refinery deepened crude oil refinement and increased light oil yield remarkably. It becomes a modern refinery with complete processing means that is up to environment protection standard.