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Liang Nanyu, a CNPC cadre devoted to the poverty alleviation in Shuanghu County, Tibet


Liang Nanyu is CNPC’s 14th cadre dispatched in 2016 to Shuanghu County, Tibet, one of the company’s twining partners for poverty alleviation, a sparsely populated place with only 1 person per 8 km2. During his term, Liang travelled across all villages in Shuanghu County for poverty alleviation efforts, totaling 100,000 kilometers. While shifting the focus of support from infrastructures to people’s livelihood and business development, Liang paid great attention to the sustainable development of local economy by fostering local industries with local people. In 2019, Liang saw the expiration of his term, but he decided to stay for another three years to continue his efforts on a deep processing project of local produce.

Over the past four years, Liang worked hard with the people of Shuanghu to improve medical services and education, and run businesses conducive to poverty alleviation. As a result, a CNPC model for poverty alleviation integrating “basic research + ecological protection + industrial upgrading” came into being. By virtue of this model, the Shuanghu County was eventually lifted out of poverty in 2019. Liang was honored the “Most Beautiful Person to Support Border Regions”, “Role Model of Central Enterprises”, and “Advanced Individual in the Fight against Poverty”.

“As CNPC employees, it is our responsibility to carry forward the Daqing Iron Man Sprit and Petroleum Industry Sprit all the time. It is well paid off when I see the life of people living at an altitude of 5,000 meters gets better with our efforts.” — said Liang Nanyu.