CNPC Practices Local Purchase in Chad

To support Chadian government in developing its economy and benefiting local people, our company in Chad has been actively seeking materials and services that can be purchased locally on condition that they meet technical requirements, and has made reasonable offers for local material manufacturers and service providers.

Local Procurement First

When buying materials and services, the company will consider purchasing locally first. Materials the company buys locally include: diesel, civil construction materials, and others, and services the company buys locally include mainly: security service, car rentals, and others, covering oilfield exploration and development, ground construction, oilfield production, pipeline transportation of oil and gas and other areas.

Set up the post of Local buyer

To facilitate communication with local suppliers and guarantee smooth local purchase, the department responsible for purchase has set up a "Local buyer" post held by local employees, with the aim to conduct purchase of local materials and services more professionally and meticulously. The move has played a positive role in learning about local market and cooperating with suppliers.