Petroleum Equipment

CNPC is a global supplier of equipment and products for exploration, well drilling, well completion, acidizing fracturing, pipeline construction, surface construction work and offshore engineering. We have marketing and service networks in Central Asia, Latin America, the Middle East, Africa, and Asia-Pacific selling petroleum equipment to more than 80 countries and regions of the world.
Power Unit

CNPC is one of China's major manufacturers of medium- to high-speed and medium- to heavy-duty diesel and gas engines for non-road applications. Its "2000" and "3000" series of diesel engine products can be widely used for petroleum drilling, industrial and mining locomotives, engineering machines, ships and power generation equipment.

Diesel Engine "2000" Series

The "2000" series of diesel engine is a family of new products upgraded from the Z12V190B diesel engine. With considerably improved reliability, performance, control, safety protection and appearance, they almost allow for unmanned operations.

Diesel Engine "3000" Series

The "3000" series is the upgraded version of the New-190 diesel engine, featuring considerably improved power and economic indicators.

Dual fuel engine

Dual fuel engine is a new production developed by CNPC JPEC to meet the requirements of cutting cost, improving economic benefit and "Gas Substitutes Oil" strategy for oil field. This diesel/gas engine has two work modes, mixture fuel (diesel oil and natural gas) mode and pure diesel fuel mode, which can be interchanged easily. It has the advantages of good fuel economy, good performance, good dynamic response, reliable work, long service life, convenient operation and maintenance, and safe protection for over temperature and knocking.

This engine can be packaged into generating set, torque converter set, etc. as power facilities for drilling well. Two or more generating sets can form a power station as normal or standby power supply for factory, mine, resource development base, and etc.