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Petroleum Equipment

CNPC is a global supplier of equipment and products for exploration, well drilling, well completion, acidizing fracturing, pipeline construction, surface construction work and offshore engineering. We have marketing and service networks in Central Asia, Latin America, the Middle East, Africa, and Asia-Pacific selling petroleum equipment to more than 80 countries and regions of the world.
Pipeline Construction Equipment

CNPC's offerings of pipeline construction equipment include pipe benders, MFL (Magnetic Flux Leakage) detectors and automatic welders.

Automatic Welders

06e6807b9eae4b09b0d7748b65149d1d TGW Automatic Girth Seam Welder for Large Oil Tanks: This girth seam welder for large oil tanks adopts the arc welding technique to ensure stable and dependable welding quality. The automatic dispensing and recycling of welding flux considerably reduces workload.

06e6807b9eae4b09b0d7748b65149d1d TVW Automatic Vertical Seam Welder for Large Oil Tanks: This vertical seam welder for large oil tanks adopts the CO2 gas-shielded arc welding technique. A copper sliding block and a copper cushion are welded on the front and rear faces of the seam respectively. High efficiency is realized when they are forcefully welded in place in a single pass. With the welding speed controlled by current feedback, the welding tractor delivers a high degree of automation.

06e6807b9eae4b09b0d7748b65149d1d TAW Automatic Fillet Welder for Large Oil Tanks: This fillet welder for large petroleum tanks is especially suitable for outer fillets on such tanks. Its submerged arc welding technique ensures high-quality welding. A reliable electromagnetic adsorption system always directs the welding head exactly at the seam. This compact and lightweight device delivers operational flexibility.

06e6807b9eae4b09b0d7748b65149d1d PAW All-position Automatic External Welder for Pipelines: PAW2000 is an all-position automatic external welder used to weld girth seams on pipelines. With its parts and components sourced from reputed overseas vendors, the welder uses computer programs to control the technical parameters of its welding process, delivering a high level of automation ideal for field operations on long-distance pipelines. Each welding tractor is designed with root welding, hot welding, multi-layer filled welding and cosmetic welding functions. PAW2000 is the first all-position automatic welder for long-distance pipelines that has been put into use in China. The equipment package consists of a welding tractor, detachable circular track, computerized automatic control cabinet, handheld control box, notebook PC, gas mixer, gas cylinders and power supply.

High-Resolution Smart MFL (Magnetic Flux Leakage) Detector for pipeline

The Φ1016mm detector uses MFL principles for the online detection of loss of metal caused by corrosion, mechanical damage, and material defect in pipelines. It also characterizes pipelines on their flanges, T-joints, and wall thickness variation. The position of the defect can be precisely indicated with an accuracy of up to 90%. In an industrial application on a 48km long segment along Parallel Shaan-Jing Gas Pipeline, the MFL detector located the pipeline defect with a precision of ±1‰ to the nearest reference point axially, and ±5°radially, and detected a minimum defect depth of 5%. The detector has excellent mechanical pass-through performance. It could safely run across Φ904mm narrowed or partially transformed pipes. With a digital electromechanical control system and an expert system for data analysis, its safe and secure dynamic performance helps obtain high-quality detection data. The detector also carries an inertial-navigation mapping unit to accurately capture the pipeline route and displacement data.