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Petroleum Equipment

CNPC is a global supplier of equipment and products for exploration, well drilling, well completion, acidizing fracturing, pipeline construction, surface construction work and offshore engineering. We have marketing and service networks in Central Asia, Latin America, the Middle East, Africa, and Asia-Pacific selling petroleum equipment to more than 80 countries and regions of the world.

Equipment manufacturing is one of CNPC's major business sectors. CNPC owns over 100 equipment manufacturers and has established a complete system in design, manufacturing, marketing and services of drilling, production, power and offshore equipment and steel pipes. We also boast remarkable competence and product series in refining, geophysical prospecting and logging equipment manufacturing.

Our major manufacturers have all been ISO 9000, ISO14000 and ISO 10012 certified, with over 60 kinds of products been API certificated.

Our products include 180 varieties in 8 categories, including drilling, production, power, steel pipes, refining & chemical, offshore, geophysical prospecting and logging.

Drilling equipment: drilling rig, workover rig, parts of drilling rig, engine, solid control equipment, top drive system, drilling mud pump, well head and control equipment, cementing equipment and drilling tools etc.

Production equipment: pumping unit, sucker rod, electrical submersible pump, screw pump, and thermal production equipment etc.

Power unit: 190 series engine, series 26/32 diesel engines, marine diesel engine, composer set, hydraulic transmission device, gas power integration, and power electric control etc.

Steel pipe: line pipe, drill pipe and coiled tubing etc.

Refinery equipment: flue gas turbine, slide valve, and special valve etc.

Offshore equipment: CP series platform, engineering vessel, offshore drilling and workover rig module.

Geophysical prospecting equipment: vibroseis, seismic drills, geophone, special vehicle, engineering seismograph, and auxiliary equipment etc.

Logging equipment: EILogTM Express & Imaging Logging System, FELWD/Formation Evaluation Logging While Drilling System, CGDS NB (China Geosteering Drilling System Near-Bit).


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