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Jilin Oil Province


Jilin Oil Province is located in the western plain of Jilin Province, neighboring Daqing Oil Province. The proven oil and gas fields are mainly distributed in the southern part of the Songliao Basin and Yitong Basin. The produced crude oil is characterized by moderate relative density, medium viscosity, high freezing point, high paraffin content, and low sulfur content.

In September 1959, a commercial oil flow was obtained from well Fu-27 during formation testing, inducing the discovery of Fuyu Oilfield—a major oilfield of Jilin Oil Province. Fuyu Oilfield features in structural reservoirs, with its major oil-bearing formations buried at a depth of 300-500 meters, and with a thickness of 30-100 meters. In 1970, the all-round development of Fuyu Oilfield began.

Changling gas field, China's first gas field that injects produced CO2 to underground for storage and gas flooding, is under jurisdiction of the Jilin Oilfield. On December 25, 2009, Changling gas field became operational, capable of producing 1 billion cubic meters of natural gas a year. In October 2012, the third phase project, mainly including gathering systems, processing installations, auxiliary facilities, and public utilities, was put into operation. Consequently, Changling Gas Field is capable of processing 2 billion cubic meters of natural gas on a yearly basis to support natural gas consumption in Jilin. At present, Jinlin Oil Province is capable of producing more than 7.5 million tons of crude a year.

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