Qinghai Oil Province

Qinghai Oil Province is located in the Qaidam Basin in northwest China. Surrounded by the Kunlun, Altun, and Qilian Mountains, the operation areas of the oil province are located at altitudes of 2,700-3,000m on average.

On September 13, 1958, commercial oil flow blew out from well Dizhong-4, marking the discovery of the Qinghai Lenghu Oilfield. In the mid-1990s, the discovery of the Tainan, SeBei-1, and Sebei-2 gas fields sharply raised natural gas resources of the province, turning Qinghai into CNPC's fourth-largest natural gas producing province after Sichuan, Tarim and Changqing.

In 2016, Qinghai Oilfield took measures to increase production and enhance comprehensive water and sand control efforts, ensuring stable production at its major gas fields.

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