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Offshore Engineering

CNPC has proven expertise and experience in the design, manufacturing and installation of offshore petroleum systems while being capable of providing integrated offshore engineering services in drilling, downhole operation, formation testing and production testing, engineering design and construction, and marine transportation.

We have completed a series of research and development activities in offshore engineering installations such as a multi-purpose workboat and drilling platform, and conducted construction projects such as the artificial island at Jidong Oilfield and the Qingdao Offshore Engineering Construction Base. While constantly improving our shallow-sea installations, we are making further efforts to explore the business in deep water areas as well as in different sea areas at home and abroad.

Throughout the year of 2017, our six offshore drilling and operating platforms completed a total drilling footage of 18,500 meters, and our 20 vessels travelled 122,756 nautical miles in total.

In particular, as the general contractor of the natural gas hydrate pilot production project in the South China Sea, we addressed world-class difficulties in extracting shallow free gas and sand control for silty-sand reservoirs, ensuring the success of the project.

Qingdao Offshore Engineering Construction Base

The Qingdao Offshore Engineering Construction Base, covering an area of 1,070,000 square meters, has four slide rails (4,000t, 6,000t, 8,000t and 30,000t respectively) and a 1,230m-long dock which can moor vessels such as FPSO of 300,000t grade and is equipped with large-size module skid loading facilities as well as handling facilities for raw materials in bulk. The base also has plants for the manufacturing and integrated assembling of platform structure modules, as well as pipe structure plant, coating plant and storages. It is capable of processing 98,000 metric tons of steel materials every year.