CNPC and other OGCI members signed open letter


On May 26, CNPC Chairman Dai Houliang and CEOs of other OGCI member companies signed an open letter addressing external concerns and reaffirming their pledge to act collectively in combating the climate challenge to support global economic recovery and promote the transition to a healthier and lower-carbon future.

In the open letter, they stated that the Covid-19 crisis has consolidated their efforts to act collectively in combating the climate challenge and to accelerate the global response to the risk of climate change even as they support economic growth. OGCI and its member companies reiterated their continued efforts and pledge to: accelerate emission reduction efforts in their own companies; continue to support the development, implementation and scale-up of innovative low carbon solutions; advance opportunities that are commercially viable, environmentally responsible, and safe carbon capture, use and storage; and continue to support governments as they design efficient policies that can accelerate energy transitions while stimulating economic growth.