CNPC introduces "non-contact refueling" service

During the fight against the novel coronavirus outbreak, CNPC introduces non-contact refueling to protect customer health. With this new service model, customers just drive through the station and get their vehicles refueled without getting off their vehicles, sliding down window or even talking to the attendant.

CNPC has launched the“Fueling Card Mobile Payment Platform” for contactless refueling service at more than 6,000 gas stations in 14 provinces and cities nationwide. This platform not only supports indoor QR code scanning payment and online payment, but also supports electronic invoicing. After the customer clicks on online invoicing after online payment, the system will generate an electronic invoice based on the information entered by the customer, achieving self-service throughout refueling process. In the future, relying on this system, CNPC gas stations will also provide services such as purchase of non-oil products without leaving vehicles, expanding contactless services for all categories of products at gas stations.