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Manufacturing_180_115 CNPC has specialized equipment manufacturing companies with well-established quality assurance system and ISO9000, ISO14000 and ISO10012 certification. Our manufacturing business covers geophysical prospecting, drilling, well logging, production, power, steel tubing, refining and chemical processing, and offshore petroleum production, with 180 varieties in 8 categories and over 60 kinds of products been API-certified.

Our petroleum materials and equipment are sold in 80 countries and regions, through a marketing network providing the complete functions of storage, consignment sales, repair and service, product leasehold, assembly, and integration to major oil and gas producing countries and regions around the world.

Our exported products cover the whole industrial chain, mainly including drilling rigs, workover rigs, offshore drilling rigs, long-distance line pipes, refining and chemical production equipment, power engines, well completion tools, bits, and mud pumps.

Centering on a "Manufacturing + Services" model, we continue to push ahead with the integration of product R&D, manufacturing, marketing and services. We persistently improve user experience and further elevate our service. Covering full lifecycle of products, we offere customer centered technical services in different forms. For example, we research and customize patented equipment for oil and gas development while providing technical support for production ramp-up; we provide equipment lease, renovation, package solutions and quality inspection.

A range of new products are developed and launched, including fracturing pump QPI-7000, which is the world's most powerful of its kind, a 9,000m quadruple-stand AC VFD drilling rig for ultra-deep wells, a horizontal subsea Xmas tree, and a new diesel engine for drilling. Our independently developed products such as Φ1,422mm X80 steel pipes, coiled tubing CT130, and special-thread casing are used in the Eastern Russia-China Natural Gas Pipeline and in the E&P in Southwest, Changqing, and Xinjiang oil and gas fields.

We have a complete portfolio of drilling rig products, such as the independently developed 8,000m AC VFD (variable frequency drive) electric drilling rigs, the ZJ90/6750DB-S quadruple-stand 9,000m high-efficiency drilling rigs, the first automatic processing system for rig strings, and the first IT-based intelligent and integrated driller control system - the idriller, and BOMCO fast-moving desert rigs, which can greatly increase the drilling speed and efficiency.

We are capable of producing large-diameter and high-steel-grade line pipes, including SSAW steel pipes of X100 grade, 1,422mm in diameter and 22mm in wall thickness, SSAW steel pipes of X80 steel grade, 1,422mm in diameter and 21.4mm in wall thickness, and pre-welded and precisely submerged arc welded steel pipes of X70 steel grade, 1,219mm in diameter and 15.01mm in wall thickness.

We produce high-steel-grade elbows and tees of 1,422mm in diameter on a trial basis, with the performance meeting design standards. CNPC made X80 steel pipes have been put into large scale production and application. In 2017, milestones were achieved in the development of X90/X100 high-grade, large-caliber, large-wall-thickness steel pipes.

We offer a portfolio of diverse coiled tubing products. CT80 and CT90 coiled tubing and H070 coiled velocity string have already been deployed in multiple oilfields both at home and abroad. Coiled tubing of CT90 steel grade, 73mm in diameter, and 4.8mm in wall thickness and coiled tubing of CT80 steel grade, 88.9mm in diameter, and 4.8mm in wall thickness have been developed, with high performance meeting design requirements. High anti-collapsing casing of P80/P110 steel grade, 139.7mm in diameter, and 9.17mm in wall thickness produced by using SEW techniques has passed performance tests.

Our 32/40 natural gas engine boasts 4,800 KW design power, the highest in China, and offers world-leading performance. Our power units boast excellent reliability and stability, such as the BL12V190ZL1-2 diesel engine, the high-speed and heavy-duty reciprocating piston compressor 6CFC and the highly-reliable 1100GF8 unmanned diesel engine with world-leading specifications. As China's most powerful gas compressor of its type, 6CFC is promising in terms of pressurized gas gathering and transportation and operation of gas storages.

With respect to offshore engineering outfits, the CP-300 jack-up rig with our independent intellectual property rights has been commissioned, tested, and delivered to customer. The CP-400 jack-up rig, with more advanced design parameters, and already approved by CCS, ABS and DNV. We also produce offshore thermal recovery wellheads, thermal insulation pipes for offshore applications and seabed oil and gas transportation pipes that delivered specification-compliant performance.

KZ-32 tracked vibrator vehicle: Featuring a good stabilizing ability, the product is used in challenging seismic prospecting applications in complex regions of western China and in Kazakhstan, Myanmar and Mozambique.

ZJ120/9000DB drilling rig and matching top drive system: With a VFD (variable-frequency drive) control, the rig is designed with a hook load of 900 metric tons and suitable for operations in various environments from -40℃ to 55℃.

F-series mud pump: Structurally safe and adaptable to high pump pressure and large delivery capacity in oilfields, the mud pumps are exported to many countries including United States, Canada and India.

X70 and X80 large-diameter spiral SAW (submerged arc welded) pipe: The pipes are in mass production and installed on the Second West-East Gas Pipeline and other long-distance pipelines.

Offshore drilling rig modules: These modules have been used in offshore drilling in Huizhou Field of South China Sea, Chunxiao Field of East China Sea and Nanpu Field of Bohai Bay.

3,000 universal marine drilling and workover rig: With drilling, completion and workover functions, the rig may be deployed on universal jack-up platforms. It is designed with a fully modular and highly mobile structure that makes it suitable for frequent disassembly, moving and assembly in marine operation. Its electronic control system is designed with new technologies to enhance noise immunity and reliability, and meets CCS and ABS requirements.

26/32 heavy-duty diesel engine: This internal combustion engine was designed with world-leading power, cost-effectiveness, reliability, safety, and emission specifications. As the most powerful of China's engine brands, it can produce more than 6,000kw for use in offshore drilling, the West-East Gas Pipelines, compressor stations of underground gas storages, primary and auxiliary power on seagoing ships and vessels, and mid- to large-scale power plants.

U-shaped Ram BOP: U-Shaped Ram BOP is designed and manufactured according to API Spec 16A standard and GB/T20174 Drilling and production equipment-Drill-through equipment, and is equipped with rams of various sizes. With the best quality front ram rubber, top Ram rubber and flange sealing stacks, U-shaped Ram BOP can work during the extreme working condition including extremely high or low temperature and extreme chemical environment.

CP-300 jack-up rig: Independently designed and manufactured by CNPC Bohai Equipment Manufacturing Co., Ltd, the rig is applicable to shallow water exploration and production at any unrestricted navigating zone globally. All the indexes of CP-300 are industrial leading both at home and abroad, with maximum operating water depth of 300 feet (91.44 meters), nominal drilling depth of 30,000ft (9,000 meters), once in place 30 wells drillable, and accommodation of 105.

LG360/60T coiled tubing unit: It is mounted on two vehicles. With breakthroughs in eight aspects such as hydraulic control, clamping method, surface treatment of clamping blocks, wellhead blowout prevention systems, and chain synchronization. The machine enables staged fracturing, CT acidizing, sand washing and flushing, logging and testing, fishing, sidetracking, and other downhole operations.

F18-21 BOP Unit: Independently designed by CNPC Baoji Oilfield Machinery Co., Ltd (BOMCO), the unit is specifically designed for truck-mounted drilling/workover rigs, featuring smaller size, weight and height and much reduced material and manufacturing costs as compared to regular ones. The design enables the main bodies of the annular BOP, ram BOP and cross tee to be integrated by cast molding. As such, the unit structure is more compact and easy to be installed at drilling sites, so as to effectively reduce labor intensity and shorten operating time.