Major Events: 2018


Jan. 1 The Second Russia-China Crude Pipeline began commercial operation.


Mar. 15
The first offshore crude oil lifting from the Libra Project in Brazil was successfully completed.

Mar. 21 Offshore concession agreements with ADNOC for the Umm Shaif-Nasr Oilfield and the Lower Zakum Oilfield (Abu Dhabi Offshore Project) were signed. Under these agreements, CNPC enjoys a 10% interest in both offshore oilfields for a term of 40 years.


May 11 The first oil lifting from Abu Dhabi Onshore-Offshore Project was completed.


Jun. 8 The Agreement on Extension of Petroleum Contracts and Deepening Oil & Gas Cooperation was signed with the Ministry of Energy of Kazakhstan.

Jun. 8 The first oil lifting from Abu Dhabi Offshore Project was completed.


Jul. 19 CNPC affiliated BGP and ADNOC signed a contract on offshore and onshore 3D seismic data acquisition.

Jul. 20 The Strategic Cooperation Framework Agreement was signed with ADNOC. Under the agreement, the two sides will build on the existing cooperation, and carry out all-round cooperation in upstream, downstream, trade and marketing, and technical support, etc.

Jul. 20 CNPC signed the contract to become an official oil and gas partner of the Beijing 2022 Olympic and Paralympic Winter Games.

Jul. 21 The second train of the Yamal LNG Project in Russia went on stream.


Aug. 18 The Qinzhou-Nanning-Liuzhou Refined Products Pipeline was put into operation.

Aug. 29 The Karakul Gas Field in Uzbekistan entered full production.

Aug. 30 The Kunming Branch of the Yunnan Refined Products Pipeline was put into operation, thus completing the whole pipeline.


Sep. 12 An upstream cooperation agreement was signed between CNPC and Rosneft. Under this agreement, CNPC will partner with Rosneft in Russia's exploration and development sector.

Sep. 12 A technical cooperation agreement was signed between CNPC and Gazprom. Under this agreement, CNPC will collaborate with Gazprom in the R&D and promotion of EOR technology, in an effort to jointly increase the production of mature oilfields in Russia.

Sep. 14 Six cooperation agreements were signed with Venezuela, including an Integrated Service Agreement for 300 Wells in the Ayacucho Blocks and a MOU on Cooperation in Development of Natural Gas.

Sep. 16 The Fushun-Jinzhou Refined Products Pipeline was put into operation.

辽阳石化公司俄罗斯原油加工优化增效改造项目 (1) Sep. 20 Liaoyang Petrochemical’s revamp project for processing Russian crude was completed and the plant started production.

Sep. 24 An agreement on China's Climate Investment Fund was signed between CNPC Assets Management Co., Ltd. and OGCI Climate Investments (CI) to set up Climate Investments China (CIC).

Sep. 28 The Phase II renovation project of Shymkent Refinery in Kazakhstan was completed and the plant went on stream.


Oct. 15 A MOU on strategic cooperation with Equinor was signed.

  Oct. 16 The Agreement on Integrated Project Business Model was signed with Petrobras.

Oct. 29 An enhanced gas recovery project for the Saman- Depe Gas Field, as part of the Amu Darya natural gas project in Turkmenistan, became operational.


Dec. 11 The third train of Yamal LNG project in Russia was completed and put into operation.

Dec. 12 The Halfaya Project Phase III (CPF3) in Iraq became operational.

Dec. 12 The prospecting efforts in Well Zhongqiu-1 in Tarim Basin led to the identification of a new gas-bearing structural belt in Qiulitage.

Dec. 15 A lithologic reservoir was identified in Well Shatan-1 in the Shawan Sag, Junggar Basin.

Dec. 16 A significant progress was made in Well Yongtan-1 in the Sichuan Basin, which identified the new gas-bearing volcanic strata.

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