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Oil Products

CNPC's major refined products include gasoline, kerosene, diesel, lube oil, chemical light oil, fuel oil, solvent oil, paraffin, bitumen, petroleum coke and LPG.
Lube oil

We produce Kunlun brand lube oil and grease using premium base oil. Our flagship products include the Tianrun, Tianlai, Tianxie, Tianwei, Tianhong, Tianli and Tiansheng series, satisfying market demand for high-grade car lubricants, motorcycle lubricants and diesel engine oils. With the base oil hydrocracking technique, we produce lube products that are more environmentally friendly. Kunlun lube has been designated for the assembly and service of Deutz, a German manufacturer of top-class heavy-duty diesel engines. Maersk Sealand has three global lubricant suppliers, of which CNPC is the only one from China.

In 2017, we sold 1.43 million tons of lube oil.

Car Lubricants


06e6807b9eae4b09b0d7748b65149d1d Kunlun Tianyuan

Top-class lubricants for high-end private and official cars.


06e6807b9eae4b09b0d7748b65149d1d Kunlun Tianrun

These high-grade car lubricants are suitable for modern cars produced by European, American and Japanese automakers. They can fully lubricate engines running in extremely demanding conditions.

06e6807b9eae4b09b0d7748b65149d1d Kunlun Tianlai

Kunlun Tianlai is suitable for car engines running on alcohol fuel and regular gasoline. It consists of gas engine oils of 5W/30, 10W/30, 10W/40 and 15W/40 grades that comply with SF to SJ specifications.

Lubricants for Medium and High-grade Commercial Vehicles

06e6807b9eae4b09b0d7748b65149d1d Kunlun Tianjiao

It is used in high-grade passenger vehicles, consisting of four categories-general-purpose internal-combustion engine oil, engine oil for urban buses, manual transmission oil for passenger vehicles and high-grade gas engine oil for buses.


06e6807b9eae4b09b0d7748b65149d1d Kunlun Tianwei

This is used in high-grade, heavy-duty trucks. Its CI, CH, CF and CD diesel engine oils fully lubricate the vehicles to maintain their powerful drive.

Lubricants for Heavy-duty Commercial Vehicles

06e6807b9eae4b09b0d7748b65149d1d Kunlun Tianhong

Kunlun Tianhong is used in heavy-duty trucks to ensure their sufficient lubrication and normal oil pressure in any demanding conditions. It is suitable for high-speed, heavy-load, heavy-duty and four-stroke direct injection diesel engines, as well as diesel engines in different large transporting and engineering vehicles, large passenger vehicles, power generation equipment and mining equipment made at home or abroad.

Medium-grade and Normal Commercial Vehicle Lubricants

06e6807b9eae4b09b0d7748b65149d1d Kunlun Tianli

It is general-purpose diesel engine oil for trucks. Its CF-4, CD and GL-5 products deliver high strength, high-temperature lubrication, and excellent cold startup performance at low temperatures, keeping engines clean and extending their service life.

06e6807b9eae4b09b0d7748b65149d1dKunlun Tiange

It is suitable for smaller cars, high-grade agricultural vehicles, engines in medium- to low-grade ships, agricultural diesel engines and medium load gear/hydraulic transmissions.

Lubricants for Engineering Machinery

06e6807b9eae4b09b0d7748b65149d1dEngine Oil for Engineering Machinery

Multiple functional additives are blended in premium paraffin-based base oil to deliver excellent cleaning dispersity and thermal-oxidation stability. It is suitable for engines in all kinds of engineering machines.

06e6807b9eae4b09b0d7748b65149d1dHeavy-load Gear Oil for Engineering Machinery

GL-5 and GL-5+ gear oil for engineering machinery is made of premium base oil blended with an extreme-pressure anti-abrasion agent, anti-scratch improver and other functional additives.

06e6807b9eae4b09b0d7748b65149d1dAnti-abrasion Hydraulic Oil for Engineering Machinery

These products are prepared with premium base oil. They include the high-efficiency energy-conserving, multi-stage energy-conserving, waterproof, low-temperature anti-abrasion, long-service-life, clean and high-pressure anti-abrasion types.

06e6807b9eae4b09b0d7748b65149d1dHydraulic Transmission Oil for Engineering Machinery

These are made with the premium distillate of carefully refined petroleum as the base oil, in which VI (Viscosity Index) modifier, antioxidant, rust inhibitor, etc are added. They deliver excellent viscosity-temperature behavior, and abrasion and foam resistance.

06e6807b9eae4b09b0d7748b65149d1dGrease for Engineering Machinery

Multiple additives are added to this mineral oil which is thickened and refined from lithium soaps to lubricate rolling bearings, sliding bearings and friction parts on various engineering machines.

Elevator Oil

A high-performance lube for different types of elevator tractors, escalator tractors and elevator reducers that bear the impact load.

06e6807b9eae4b09b0d7748b65149d1dAir Compressor Oil for Engineering Machinery

The medium-load air compressor oil is suitable for the lubrication and cooling of medium-to-high-load reciprocating air compressors and positive displacement compressors. The medium-load rotary air compressor oil is suitable for the lubrication and cooling of medium-load reciprocating and rotary air compressors and positive displacement compressors.

06e6807b9eae4b09b0d7748b65149d1dAntifreeze Fluid for Engineering Machinery

Suitable for the cooling system of light-load engines on light- and heavy-load automobiles and other non-automobile machines, preventing overheating in summer and freezing in winter.

Motorcycle Oil

06e6807b9eae4b09b0d7748b65149d1dKunlun Tianxie

The product is suitable for high-grade water/air-cooled, four-stroke motorcycle engines.