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CNPC's Logo and Brand

CNPC's logo embodies our commitment to ensuring harmony between the development of energy and the environment. The flower-shaped logo's colors are those of China's national flag, with its ten petals representing our core businesses. The solid red base illustrates CNPC's strength and cohesion as a state-owned enterprise, while the rising sun highlights our brilliant future.

The History of Our Logo

The acronym "CNPC" has a history of more than 20 years. Our flower-shaped logo and its two-color combination (red and yellow) make the CNPC brand stand out and greatly enhance our company's popularity cognition degree. The logo represents not only the quality of our products and services, but also our professional service capabilities and values.

Our Core Brand

As our core brand, CNPC represents what we do and what we expect to achieve in the future.

CNPC is our main global brand, which exists on our oil production platforms, refineries, equipment manufacturing products and in the offices of the company, as well as on our lubricating oil products and service stations.

The acronym CNPC first appeared in public in 1998 and, thanks to our quality products and good service, the brand has become well known to millions of customers.

Harmony is part of our brand values, as well as the way in which we manage our company's relationships with society, our employees and our customers. We strive to realize harmonious development in all respects through our hard work, broad vision and creativity. In fact, this value has already been integrated into the company's business operations. In addition to harmony, our brand values also include honesty, innovation, performance and safety.


CNPC launched the "Kunlun" petrochemical products brand in 2001, with "caring" as its core value, which has strengthened interaction and communication between CNPC and its consumers. The values of the brand are "caring for your machines, caring for our consumers, caring for nature and caring for our employees".

China National Petroleum Corporation and PetroChina Company Limited registered "Kunlun "(Chinese characters) and "Kunlun" text and graphics trademarks respectively in different categories and services, and also registered them with the following organizations and conventions: World Intellectual Property Organization, Intellectual Property Department of Hong Kong Special Administrative Region of China, Myanmar trademark owner affidavit, etc.

History of the Kunlun Brand

In August 2001, the Kunlun brand first appeared as a lubricating product, just one of a number of reliable lubricating product brands offered by CNPC.

In September 2003, Kunlun took the lead in the medium- and high-end lubricant markets in China, and then the company positioned the "Kunlun" brand's core value as "caring".

In February 2005, CNPC integrated its competitive lubricant and petrochemical brands and launched the new "Kunlun" brand, making it synonymous with CNPC's high-end lubricants and chemical products. Kunlun became one of the top five lubricants in terms of global market share.


"CNPC EQUIPMENT" brand was officially launched on September 28, 2009. As an endorsed brand, it will be tied to the original registered trademarks of authorized equipment products.

The values of the brand are "Strive for excellence, Serve the energy industry". We, focusing on quality and customer's satisfaction, with market as orientation and technology as breakthrough, are committed to enhance the strength and value of CNPC manufacturing business. We endeavor to strengthen technological innovation, promote industrial upgrade, speed up the change of growth mode, continuously increase competitiveness and build an integrated brand of CNPC equipment.

Other Trademarks

CNPC implements a trademark strategy of "insisting the Group's overall development and a unified brand". In early 2001, the company applied for a combination of trademark registration in several categories including chemicals, petroleum equipment manufacturing, oil and gas exploration and production, marketing, and service station, e.g."", “昆仑”,"Kunlun", "PetroChina" and ,Mark Image,Mark Image, and Mark Image. So far, our series of trademark have been registered in more than 80 countries, such as the United States, Britain, France, Russia, Indonesia and Venezuela, through the Madrid System for the International Registration of Marks, the African Intellectual Property Organization, or separate registration in individual country.

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  • International Exhibition

  • Support for the Olympics

  • Exploration and Production

  • Offshore Platform

  • Service Station

  • Petroleum Equipment

  • Grease Products

  • Paraffin Products

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