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Well Logging

CNPC has well-equipped and experienced well logging crews that are capable of providing services in logging, perforation, compound logging, date processing and interpretation as well as reservoir evaluation under various geological and engineering conditions.

Taking advantage of state-of-the-art image logging, digital logging, perforation, compound logging devices and a variety of software applications, we can carry out well logging operations even under difficult conditions. A number of proprietary or unique techniques regarding logging and perforation of extended reach wells, horizontal wells, slim hole sidetracked wells and underbalanced wells, as well as tool fishing from complex wells.

Fast well-logging technologies, along with well and mud logging equipment with our independent intellectual property rights have been widely applied, which shorten the well-completion period and improve operational efficiency. The independently developed LEAD2.0 processing and interpretation software that integrated multiple functions in one system can be used in association with EILog-05 logging unit to interpret logging data of low-porosity and low-permeability sandstone reservoirs, and to identify and evaluate water-flooded formations, low-resistance reservoirs, fractured reservoirs and gas reservoirs. An array induction imaging logger, as well as our Snow Wolf and Dema mud logging units, have been developed and used in production, helping to identify reservoirs and improve drilling performance.

Targeted at reservoirs of different characteristics, we have established a complete system of mud logging technologies. With compound logging playing a major role, the system supported by geochemical logging, element logging, and other unique techniques. We have also developed and deployed an early and fast monitoring system for the overflow and loss of drilling fluid and a system for online monitoring and evaluation of flowback cuttings.

In 2019, we completed 105,746 well-times of well logging and perforation and 13,175 well-times of mud logging. Our first-trip success rate of well logging was up to 98.27% in China.