Leading in Technology

CNPC has long been committed to researching and developing sophisticated and practical technologies and solutions in oil and gas exploration and development.

Facing up to the end of ‘easy oil’, we have to turn to much tougher targets to meet ever increasing energy demand. We focus our R&D efforts on finding and tapping subtle and complex reservoirs, enhancing recovery of mature oilfields, unlocking unconventional hydrocarbons, improving operational safety, and mitigating impact to the environment.

Exploration of Litho-stratigraphic Reservoirs

Litho-stratigraphic reservoirs are difficult to evaluate due to the complexity of formations and traps. To cope with such difficulties, ten essential elements that influence trap development have been identified and technical procedures for trap evaluation have been established. In addition, based on the application of "Structure-Sequence Assemblage of Reservoir Formation Model", a new method—"Four Map Overlay" for litho-stratigraphic reservoir evaluation—has been developed.

Such technological innovations lead to the establishment of new standards for classifying and evaluating litho-stratigraphic oil and gas reservoir accumulation zones. The result is that several 100 million ton grade oil and gas fields were discovered, including the deep zone of Songliao Basin, Xifeng field in Ordos Basin, Chuanzhong field in Sichuan Basin, Tazhong field in Tarim Basin, and the northwestern edge of Junggar Basin. The newly discovered oil and natural gas reserves from these litho-stratigraphic reservoirs account for 60% and 80% of our total reserve increase respectively.