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Petroleum Equipment

CNPC is a global supplier of equipment and products for exploration, well drilling, well completion, acidizing fracturing, pipeline construction, surface construction work and offshore engineering. We have marketing and service networks in Central Asia, Latin America, the Middle East, Africa, and Asia-Pacific selling petroleum equipment to more than 80 countries and regions of the world.
Geophysical Prospecting Equipment

CNPC manufactures various types of exploration equipment in six categories using its ten patented technologies. Major examples of these products include seismographs, vibrator vehicles, geophones, logging units and mud logging units.

KZ Series of Vibrator Vehicle

The KZ Series of vibrator vehicle has high-performance static hydraulic drive and steering systems to satisfy demanding work environments. They include the KZ-13, KZ-20, KZ-23, KZ-28 and KZ-34 models, with their maximum bearing capacity ranging from 13 to 34 metric tons. The KZ-34 is the model with the highest bearing capacity.


The KZ34 Vibrator is a safe and powerful seismic source for land seismic exploration. It can be used for seismic exploration on plains or complex regions such as Gobi and mountain foothills.
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GeoEast is an integrated seismic data processing and interpretation system independently developed by CNPC, which owns the intellectual property rights of this software product.

GeoEast V1.0 is an integrated software system that is a unified data, visualization and development platform. It allows for dynamic system assembly, and enables the cooperative processing and interpretation of seismic data.

With a unified data platform for processing and interpretation, GeoEast V1.0 effectively shares information between processing and interpretation. It establishes an operation mode that realizes integration and seamless coupling between the processing and interpretation of seismic data. Its 150 function modules in 20 categories for batched or interactive processing in seismic applications deliver sophisticated onshore and offshore 2D and 3D seismic data processing and 3D DMBS (pre-stack depth migration) processing capability. Its state-of-the-art 2D / 3D seismic interpretation function series and 3D visual interpretation and associated software packages provides sophisticated 2D / 3D structure interpretation and 3D visual interpretation capabilities.

GeoEast V1.2 has delivered conventional processing of onshore seismic data, PSTM processing, and structure elucidation. Attaining a level of reliability and operational efficiency that makes it suitable for mass application, it has been used to process 36,187 kilometers of 2D lines and 8,023 square kilometers of 3D profiles.

GeoEast V2.0, the upgraded version, consolidates important progress made in the functional development of pre-stack depth migration, VSP, multi-wave multi-component, onshore OBC, streamer seismic data processing, and post-stack reservoir prediction and inversion, as well as the optimization and improvement of the system platform.

GeoEast-Lightning – A Pre-stack Depth Migration and Model Building Software System

GeoEast-lightning is a copyrighted one way, two-way, and RTM migration and model building software system.

Reverse time PSDM (RTM) is the state-of-the-art seismic imaging technique.With the RTM algorithm, the system ensures high-precision seismic imaging of such complex subsurface structures as buried hills, sub-salts, and fault blocks, including those in strongly varying TTI media.

Its technical specifications are in the highest flight among the same kinds of commercial software systems in the world. The system can be used to image both land and marine seismic data.


CNPC's geophone portfolio consists of the SN7C Series of Super geophones, the DJ Series of geophones, the JF-20DX Digital geophone and the SG-10 Digital geophone.

Low Frequency Vibroseis




  AHV 364









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 Limited LF,Hz






 Max. Stroke,mm






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 Mass Weights,kg






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 Vibrate Pump (lpm)







State-of-the-art LF vibrator: KZ28-LFV3