Significant Discoveries in 2017

2017 Significant Discoveries

Oil exploration won new achievements

Five oil-rich areas and two prolific blocks were discovered, and two 100 Mt grade oil zones, Huachi-Nanliang and Jiyuan, were identified in the Ordos Basin.
Commercial oil and gas flows were obtained at multiple wells from upper Wuerhe Formation in the Junggar Basin, adding 200 million tons of probable and possible reserves and marking another strata series for reserve replacement in the Mahu area.
Two 100 Mt grade oil zones were identified in the Songliao Basin, one of conventional oil reserves in the north and one of tight oil reserves in the south.
A number of large-scale oil zones were discovered in Tarim, Qaidam and Bohai Bay Basins.

Natural gas exploration achieved significant progress

In the Tarim Basin, three new gas-bearing structures were discovered and proved at the Kuqa Depression, namely Keshen-24, Dabei-11, Bozi-3; high-yield oil and gas flows were obtained from the Tudong-2 well at the northern Kuqa tectonic belt, unveiling new opportunities to tap these Jurassic reservoirs.
Three 100bcm grade gas zones were identified at Sulige South Block I, Shenmu and Lower Paleozoic of the eastern ancient uplift in the Ordos Basin.
In the Sichuan Basin, high-yield gas flows were obtained from Xingtan-1 well of Leikoupo Formation in the southwestern part of the basin; new discoveries in Weiyuan and Zhaotong Blocks added 156.5 billion cubic meters of proved shale gas reserve.
A new gas-bearing belt was discovered in the Altun Mountains in the Qaidam Basin.
A number of exploration wells at Dinan uplift yielded commercial gas flows, opening up new areas of highefficiency gas exploration in the Junggar Basin.