Significant Discoveries in 2018

2018 Significant Discoveries

Risk exploration

Risk exploration in Tarim Basin achieved big breakthrough that a new gas-bearing structural belt in Qiulitage was found.
High yield oil and gas flows were obtained at a number of exploratory wells in Bayan-Hetao Basin.
Significant progress was made in natural gas exploration in Sichuan Basin, include the identification of new gas-bearing volcanic strata in the western part and high yield gas flows from exploratory wells in the eastern part.
Lithologic reservoirs are identified in the Shawan Sag, Junggar Basin.

Exploration achievements

We newly proved 220 million tons of oil in place in the Ordos Basin and 170 billion cubic meters of gas in place in Jingbian and Shenmu-Qingjian areas.
New progress was achieved in exploring the Manan Slope in Junggar Basin, identifying six uncompartmentalized blocks with newly proven oil in place of 130 million tons.
Discoveries at the Kelasu tectonic belt in Tarim Basin add more than 150 billion cubic meters of proven gas in place.
A number of large-scale oil and gas plays were identified in the Sichuan, Qaidam, Songliao and Bohai Bay basins.