CNPC Actively Participates in OGCI Activities to Promote Carbon Emissions Reduction in the Industry

As the sole member of OGCI in China, CNPC is deeply involved in international cooperation with other OGCI members to address issues on climate change and low-carbon transition in the oil and gas industry.

Establishment of the OGCI Climate Investment Kunlun

In 2019, CNPC Assets Management Co., Ltd. and OGCI Climate Investments signed the Framework Agreement of Climate Investment China to set up the OGCI Climate Investment Kunlun through a branch of OGCI Climate Investments in China in the form of limited partnership.

Establishment of Xinjiang CCUS Hub

The Xinjiang CCUS Hub, led by CNPC, was incorporated by OGCI into the world's first CCUS hub under the CCUS KickStarter. CNPC actively participated in the discussions of OGCI about CCUS, invited the OGCI working group to visit Xinjiang Oilfield and Karamay Petrochemical, and conducted a feasibility study on the construction of the Xinjiang CCUS Hub. The Xinjiang CCUS Hub will be constructed through joint venture cooperation by fully relying on the OGCI think tank and learning from international mature technology and management experience of the million-ton CCUS projects.

Industry Exchange

CNPC executives attended the CEO Summit of OGCI.

CNPC hosted the OGCI 2019 conferences in Hangzhou, China.