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CNPC Working with OGCI in 2018

As the only Chinese member of the Oil and Gas Climate Initiative (OGCI), CNPC is deeply involved in international cooperation to address climate change, coordinates with other OGCI members and all sectors of society on positions and initiatives in response to climate change, and carries out relevant cooperation. We actively participate in the endeavors under the OGCI framework.

Low Carbon Research and Standard Setting

Active participation in relevant low carbon standard setting and research under the OGCI framework.

Low carbon strategy

Participated in the formulation of OGCI-2040 Low Emissions Roadmap and OGCI methane emissions control objectives, as well as in the completion of the Study on the Potential of Agriculture, Forestry and Other Land Uses in Reducing Carbon Emission.

Clean utilization of natural gas

Cooperated in the verification of methane emission in the full industrial chain of oil and gas production, and monitoring of methane emission in key production processes.

CCUS technologies

Participated in CCUS commercialization policy research and developed special CCUS commercialization programs for the Middle East and China.

Standard setting

Led the development of Carbon dioxide capture, transportation and geological storage - Quantification and verification (ISO/TR 27915), laying the technical foundation for the benefit evaluation of emission reduction and carbon market access of carbon dioxide sequestration projects.

Establishment of OGCI Climate Investments

China CNPC jointly established Climate Investments China with OGCI Climate Investment Fund (CI) to invest in China's domestic low carbon market, promote research, demonstration and popularization of low carbon technologies and business models in China, and explore opportunities for low carbon transition in the petroleum industry.

Exchange and Communication with Peers

Senior representatives of the Company attended the OGCI 2018 annual meeting and exchanged professional experience with peers on issues such as the role of natural gas in energy transition in developing countries, improvement of energy efficiency and strengthening of international energy cooperation.