Building Carbon Emission Reduction Base to Promote Desert Control and Reduce Carbon Emissions in Zhongwei City

Located on the edge of the Tengger Desert, Zhongwei City in Ningxia is one of the most disaster-prone areas for sandstorms in China. Since 2008, Ningxia Petrochemical Company has worked with the local government to transform the 200 hectares of desertified land on the edge of the Tengger Desert. The "Ningxia Petrochemical Carbon Emission Reduction Base in Zhongwei” was established for sand control, forestation and ecological construction. Through six years of efforts, we have seen the desert retreat nearly 1,000 meters in the Xifengkou area, which has helped improve the local environment.

Over the past six years, according to local climate characteristics, we have planted 145,000 plants including Xinjiang poplars, locusts, date trees, populus, oleaster, eucommia, and sorbifolia, 730,000 desert shrubs, and 385,000 square meters of grass grids. In addition, we have ensured a 92% survival rate for windbreaks through drip irrigation.

In 2014, the windbreaks in the base absorbed a total of 2,465 tons of carbon dioxide and controlled 12 hectares of deserts, effectively improving the environment in the west of Zhongwei City