Successful Trial Flight of Aviation Biofue

To address the changing global climate and minimize the greenhouse gas emissions of the world aviation industry, China National Energy Administration (CNEA) spearheaded the founding of the Aviation Fuel Steering Committee and Clean Transport Workgroup to promote the sustainable development of China's aviation biofuel industry. With CNEA's sponsorship, CNPC, Air China, Boeing, and Honeywell's UOP signed MOU of cooperation on verification trial flight of sustainable aviation biofuel in China on May 26, 2010. CNPC takes charge of supplying the aviation biofuel needed by the test flight.

Research has shown that aviation biofuel emits 50%-90% less greenhouse gas during its life cycle than traditional aviation kerosene. After one year of research and development, CNPC has grasped the key processing technologies for aviation biofuel that is refined from the seed of non-crop Jatropha curcas, and handed over 15 tons of such biofuel needed by the test flight. On October 28, 2011, the first test flight of a passenger plane with a fuel mixture of the biofuel and traditional aviation kerosene succeeded.