Environmental Protection in the Development and Construction of Shixi Oilfield

PetroChina's Shixi Oilfield is located in the hinterland of the Gurbantonggut Desert in the Junggar Basin, an area noted for its harsh natural environment and climate. After years of hard work, thanks to the adoption of new technologies, a million-ton-grade modern uncompartmentalized oilfield with high levels of development and efficiency finally became operational in the desert.

Considering the area's unique ecosystem, Shixi Oilfield has made great efforts to ensure that its development and production activities are in harmony with society and nature. In 2001, Shixi Oilfield received the ISO9001 and ISO14001 quality and environment management system certificates.

During its construction, the oilfield greatly restricted temporarily land expropriation in order to minimize soil disturbance and damage to vegetation. The site was cleaned up as soon as possible after the work was completed. From 1998 until the end of 2004, the oilfield invested sufficient funds in windbreak and sand-fixation, paving reeds with a checkerboard pattern and planting appropriate vegetation in the quicksand area within the oilfield.

The oilfield has oily wastewater processing facilities and returns the treated waste to the subsurface or discharges it after emission standards are met. Measures have also been taken in accordance with instructions in the environmental evaluation report and design requirements in order to prevent pollution by waste gases. Sealed gathering and delivery processes have been adopted to avoid gas leaks, and blow-down torches have also been set up according to the design. Low-noise equipment is deployed as much as possible and major noise sources in station yards are either situated indoors or insulated.

The 11 years of the continuous development of the Shixi Oilfield have yielded a total of 10 million tons of oil and gas and the field continues to have great potential. The field has played a positive role in preventing desertification due to the measures it has taken to protect the ecosystem. In 2006, the Shixi Oilfield development and construction project was awarded the "National Environmentally Friendly Project" prize, the highest honor related to the environmental protection activities of construction projects in China.