Planting Trees to Foster a Green Environment

Tree planting is an important way to increase forest cover, improve the natural environment and achieve environmental sustainability. In China, voluntary tree planting for afforestation and landscaping purposes started in the 1980s.

Over the years, CNPC has encouraged voluntary tree planting among employees at all levels. Member companies have developed their own tree planting programs, setting forth the requirements on types of trees, planting procedures, technical support and follow-up care.

In 2012, employees from Changqing Oilfield planted more than 600,000 trees and shrubs. Thirty-six tree planting programs were carried out at Liaohe Oilfield. Lanzhou Petrochemical has actively participated in tree planting in the hilly area of Lanzhou city for many years, creating two tree farms with a forest coverage rate of up to 88% and providing an ideal place for fitness and recreation activities.

Ningxia Petrochemical raised forest coverage to more than 50% at its Zhongwei carbon emission reduction base since the project was launched in 2008. CNPC's environmental initiatives were highly recognized by the National Afforestation Committee. In March 2012, Daqing Oilfield and Lanzhou Petrochemical received the title of "Outstanding Homeland Afforestation Contribution Unit".