Improving Environment in Sudan

CNPC strictly complies with safety and environmental laws and regulations of Sudan. We pay special attention to wastewater and waste gas treatment in block 1/2/4 and Khartoum refinery, and have achieved substantial results.

We invest totaling USD 90 million to build biodegrading pools, and adopt advanced biodegradation technology to treat produced water from oilfields. The treated water contains no oil, with the PH value of 8.90-8.97 and DO of 0.5-0.6 mg/L. Now the 5-km2 wastewater pool has become an exuberant reed pond providing a habitat for 68 species of birds and fish.

Our biodegradation project won high appraisal from DNV, and an environmental protection award from the Sudanese Ministry of Energy and Mining, and has become a model project of the ministry.