Protecting wetland to create a better habitat for migrant birds

Jilin Momoge National Natural Reserve, one of natural reserves with the greatest variety of cranes in China, mainly protects red-crowned cranes and a wetland eco-environment. In 2012, Yingtai Oil Production Plant of Jilin Oilfield took measures such as planting sedge, deyeuxia langsdorffii and grasses to further improve the wetland eco-environment within the oil recovery zones, to create an ideal habitat for rare birds such as red-crowned cranes. By the end of 2012, the plant had invested more than RMB 30 million in six phases of comprehensive treatment projects, restored 617,700 square meters of wetland vegetation and created 127,500 square meters of woodland. Compared with five years ago, the number of waterfowl increased by 15%-20%, in which white cranes increased from about 500 to 3,000, and the bird’s species groups increased from 296 to over 320.