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Sustainable Use of Resources

20140513143327115 We attach great importance to the protection and rational utilization of resources. We strengthen the protection of water, conservation of fresh water, and rational use of land, and strive to improve energy and material utilization efficiency to minimize resource consumption.

Water Resources

We endeavor to improve water utilization efficiency and realize sustainable water utilization throughout various links in our production and operation activities. Through strengthening water conservation management, water-saving technological transformation and wastewater treatment and recycling technology and other measures, we worked to reduce the use of fresh water. In 2020 we saved 10.33 million cubic meters of water, fresh water consumption decreased by 4.47% year-on-year. Dushanzi Petrochemical Company was awarded the “Water Efficiency Leader among Key Water-using Enterprises in the Ethylene Industry in 2020” by four ministries including the Ministry of Industry and Information Technology.

Water Resources Management throughout the Industry Chain

Exploration and Development

In oil and gas development, equal importance was given to both water pollution prevention & control and water recycling. After the oil-water separation and filtration treatment of the recycled wastewater, oil recovery and water reinjection were both realized, preventing groundwater and surface water contamination. By the end of 2019, 100% of oil extraction wastewater in our oil and gas fields was treated, with a reinjection rate of 95.3%.

We carried out water system maintenance and revamping, improved the water qualification rate, optimized operation programs, upgraded wastewater discharge and treatment processes to reduce water discharge, and promoted the application of new technologies for water treatment to maximize water conservation. In 2019, the comprehensive qualification rate of the Company's oilfield wastewater reached 100%, and water discharges increased by 3.3 % year on year.

Pipeline Operations

We focus on managing the impact on water resources by construction projects and the risk of leakage accidents during pipeline operations. Environmental impact assessments (involving water environment) are conducted, and water conservation and protection concepts and awareness are integrated into construction and operation activities.

Refining and Chemicals

We improve water consumption efficiency by promoting clean production processes, saving water at the source, and optimizing water consumption systems. We increase the concentration time of circulating water to reduce water supplement, and strengthen steam condensate water recovery to achieve water saving. In addition, we emphasize wastewater treatment and reuse to reduce wastewater discharge and improve the industrial water recycling rate; and enhance underground pipelines to reduce groundwater leakage rate.

Land Resources

To protect land resources, we make careful and intensive use of land during production, strictly control land use growth, make good use of land through various ways, actively reclaim land, and carry out environmental treatment and recovery in mining areas. We optimize the project plane scheme design to reduce land occupation during the preparation period for oil & gas exploration and development, pipeline construction, and refining & chemical projects in accordance with the requirements of economical and intensive land use. For newly added service stations, we rationalize the layout of stations to maximize land utilization. For projects that occupy farm or forest land, and projects that affect ground attachments during pipeline construction, we actively adopt advanced technologies for land reclamation and provided reasonable compensation to relevant parties. In 2020, we saved 1,190 hectares of land.


We have been striving to reduce the consumption of fossil fuels and increase energy efficiency by reducing energy intensity. We pay high attention to energy conservation at the source, and carry out energy-saving assessments of newly-built, revamped and expanded projects. We promote the application of energy-saving technology and equipment to boost the efficiency of heating furnaces in oil and gas fields and optimize refining and chemical energy systems. We reinforce energy use management in the production process, and conduct monitoring and evaluation of more than 6,000 sets of energy and water-intensive devices and equipment.

Waste and Pollutants

We strictly monitor and control discharges of waste and pollutants in the production process, strengthen waste management, and reduce discharges of pollutants in the air, land and water. We actively promote collection measures and recycling technologies for drilling waste, and clean operation technologies at our oil and gas fields, significantly reducing waste and pollutants.