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Poverty Alleviation and Disaster Relief

Poverty alleviation is an important topic in global sustainable development and also one of our key concerns. We have responded positively to the initiatives of the UN's 2030 Agenda for Sustainable Development, and to policies of the Chinese Government on poverty alleviation. Focusing on improving the intellectual level, industrial development, medical service and livelihood of local people, we integrate our business strengths with local resources and market advantages, take targeted measures in poverty alleviation and promote the local self-development capacity in innovative ways.

Targeted Poverty Alleviation

We continuously assist poverty-stricken areas by carrying out dedicated poverty alleviation and aid programs under the national plan, and other assistance initiatives where we operate. To enhance the sustainable development capabilities of such areas, we implement poverty-alleviation projects through cooperation to improve the intellectual level, industrial development and livelihood of local people.

In 2019, we invested RMB 152 million and continued to carry out fixed-point poverty alleviation and aid programs, and implemented 70 projects, including infrastructure reconstruction, education and training, healthcare, and industrial collaboration in 13 counties and districts in 7 provinces (municipalities and autonomous regions) of China - Xinjiang, Tibet, Qinghai, Chongqing,Henan, Jiangxi and Guizhou.

Disaster Relief

We should benefit society since our growth is based on social development. Though we are unable to predict or prevent the occurrence of natural disasters such as floods, droughts, snowstorms and earthquakes, we provide aid and send our care and materials to disaster-stricken areas as quickly as possible after disasters strike to assist in reconstruction and recovery efforts.

CNPC takes targeted measures to fight novel coronavirus epidemic

Since the novel coronavirus outbreak, CNPC attaches great importance to epidemic prevention and control efforts, and sets up an executive group on epidemic prevention and control headed by the Chairman of CNPC.

The company adopts a localized management policy and daily reporting system (including zero reporting) for epidemic surveillance. At the same time, CNPC sets up a joint prevention and control mechanism to fight the epidemic with all-out efforts.

Firmly grounded on its business operation, CNPC takes detailed and tailored prevention measures for different business segments and projects to minimize losses caused by the epidemic and to improve the quality of its production and operation. A Guide Book on Prevention and Control of the Novel Coronavirus Pneumonia has been compiled and distributed to ensure the health and safety of employees and their families by providing guidance regarding dos and don’ts in workplace, open area, home and public space.

Prevent flood and secure supply in Sichuan in 2020

Since early July in 2020, southern China has been hit by torrential rains, resulting in floods and geological disasters in many areas. To ensure safe and reliable operations during flood seasons, CNPC immediately took effective measures including risk prevention, monitoring and early warning and emergency rescue in key operations, such as refining and chemical facilities, gas stations, oil depots, and oil and gas pipelines. In close cooperation with local authorities, thousands of gas stations and CNG stations of CNPC in southern China managed to ensure stable supplies to the market.