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Biodiversity, an integral part of the ecosystem, safeguards the ecological balance and ensures a favorable environment for human beings. CNPC strives to protect biological habitats, biodiversity and the ecological balance in its operation areas and their surroundings through various measures like green operation and engineering construction.

We are devoted to reducing the potential influence on ecological environment and biodiversity during production and operation, and take full precautions to avoid environmental impact and work hard to restore the environment to its original state in case of any adverse impact.

We adopt strict management systems and environmental protection plans to ensure environmentally friendly operations, so as to effectively protect the natural environment of various operation areas like deserts, wetlands and natural reserves. We also urge subsidiaries to establish environment management systems, pollutant discharge-reduction index systems, monitoring systems and appraisal systems.

We implement ecological management throughout the industry chain and in the full life cycle. We analyze and assess the environmental risks in the upstream, midstream and downstream business chains, to adjust and optimize our process, technology and equipment accordingly. Environmental management is implemented in the whole process of construction projects, and preliminary environmental assessments are required in experimental pre-EIA projects. Environmental protection facilities are designed, built and commissioned together with the main project.

CNPC Liaohe Oilfield is located in the Liaohe delta wetland. It is inhabited by 409 kinds of wild species such as Saunders Gulls, the world's rarest water bird, and red-crowned cranes, one of China's most important protected birds. As a national nature reserve, this place is one of the largest areas with the best-preserved and most complete vegetation. Given that this is such a special environment, CNPC invests heavily to ensure that the wetlands are protected at every stage of our operations. Horizontal and cluster wells are drilled instead of vertical ones to save land resources and protect the natural landscape and water sources of the Liaohe delta wetland. Besides, the oilfield has fully met standards for environmental indicators such as wastewater discharges, surface oil recovery and harmless treatment of drilling waste, and no oil spills have ever occurred in the oilfield.

The Mohe-Daqing Section of the Russia-China Oil Pipeline runs across cold frozen areas,virgin forests,nature reserves and environmentally sensitive rivers including Heilongjiang River and Nenjiang River, the project has extremely high requirements for environmental protection.During construction, great importance was attached to soil and vegetation protection.We actively restored the landscape, strengthened the protection of wild animals, and developed specific measures for ecological protection. Specifically, to reduce the occupation of the virgin forest, we cut the width of our operational area from 28m to 18-20m, saving 547.33 hectares of land; to protect virgin forests, we invested RMB 100 million for soil and water conservation, and have reclaimed 816 hectares of arable land, remedied 680,000 cubic meters of soil covering, and built a green area of 1126.67 hectares, with a forestry and grass recovery percentage of 97.6%; to protect wildlife habitats,we reduced our operations at night and avoided construction in the breeding season; to protect the ecological diversity of the water area, we provided RMB 19.1 million to build fish breeding stations, conduct technology research on the artificial reproduction of burbots, and monitor water quality and aquatic life along the pipeline.