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CNPC in Nigeria

Oil and gas cooperation between CNPC and the Nigerian government commenced since 2006. CNPC also provides oilfield services in the country.
  • Oil and Gas Operations
  • Oilfield Services, Engineering and Construction
  • Local Development

In 2006, CNPC reached an oil and gas cooperation agreement with the government of Nigeria and won the tender of four blocks, namely OPL298, OPL471, OPL721 and OPL732. Block OPL298 and Block OPL471, one is onshore and the other offshore, are located in the Niger Delta with an area of 1,012.4 square kilometers and 1,370 square kilometers respectively. Block OPL721 and Block OPL732 are located in the Chad Basin in Borno Province, northern Nigeria. Block OPL732 is a risk exploration block.

In Nigeria, CNPC has provided seismic data acquisition services for EERL and Shell, and seismic data processing services for NPDC/SIPC, UERL/SIPEC and TOTAL ELF. In 2014, we completed Shell's OML 17-Agome 3D Reshoot in Nigeria.

In October, 2011, Kelema-1 and Kelema-2, two community markets funded by CNPC under the community sustainability program in the Southern Ijaw area of Bayelsa State, Nigeria were completed and put into use. These projects were highly praised by the local community-based organizations and the Bayelsa State government for playing an important role in improving the local business environment and promoting the sustainable development of local communities.

In 2015, our joint initiative between the headquarters and our project in Nigeria achieved major breakthroughs in the microscopic diagnosis and treatment of malaria in Africa.