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Natural Gas Marketing

In 2020, we continued to push ahead with a three-year action plan on end-user market exploitation and made headway in expanding market share by pushing for more gas consumption from key areas and large users, moving faster to bring our own end-user facilities and new direct-supply customers on stream, and carrying out pilot marketing around oil and gas fields. A number of major projects were implemented in Wuhan, Yinchuan and other provincial capitals and key cities. As our distribution network extended to remote areas, the "Tibet Gasification" and "Yunnan Gasification" projects advanced greatly. The first LNG filling station in Tibet became operational. We stepped up collaboration with business partners in power generation, power grid and energy internet, promoted innovative business models for distributed energy, CHP and energy performance contracting, and participated in natural gas power generation and natural gas supply line projects. In 2020, we signed 248 framework agreements for exploring end-user markets.

As of the end of 2020, our natural gas marketing network covers 31 provinces, municipalities and autonomous regions and Hong Kong SAR. The end-user sales volume totaled 42.18 billion cubic meters throughout the year, with a significant increase of 31% over the previous year.