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CNPC strives to operate in an environmentally friendly, safer and more efficient way to continuously supply energy to society and create a better life for all. This is the first report issued by CNPC on its social responsibility performance in Latin America. In preparing this report, we adhered to the principle of being objective, criterion compliant, honest and transparent. “CNPC in Latin America” provides an overview of the main achievements made by CNPC in fulfilling its economic, environmental and social responsibilities in Latin America from 1993 to 2012.

Zhou Jiping
Chairman of CNPC
Chairman’s Message

In recent years, oil and gas cooperation between China and host countries in Latin America has resulted in impressive accomplishments. In October 1993, China National Petroleum Corporation (CNPC) made its entry into Peru by winning an international tender, where it started international oil and gas operations. Over the past two decades, we have witnessed the steady progress of Sino-Latin American oil and gas cooperation. As a witness to this, I have visited Venezuela, Peru and Ecuador many times and established good partnership as well as friendships with local governments and the oil and gas sectors.

Ye Xiandeng
President of CNPC
America Ltd.
Interview with the Regional Head

Q1. 2013 marks the 20th year of CNPC’s presence in Latin America. What are your views on the fruitful oil and gas cooperation
between CNPC and host countries over the past 20 years?
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Q2. In recent years, some Latin American host countries have adjusted their energy policies, how has CNPC America adapted to
the changes in the investment environment in order to achieve sustainable development?
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Q3. How does CNPC America manage to maintain its excellent HSE record?  Answer >>

Q4. How does CNPC America fulfill its corporate social responsibility? What is your focus in public welfare activities? Have these
activi ties earned CNPC the understanding and recognition of local communities?
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Our Employees

I feel honored and lucky to be part of CNPC and have been working for the company for more than seven years. Here, Chinese and Venezuelan employees have a wonderful time working together, becoming “good buddies” with each other. Over the past seven years, I’ve learned a lot of professional skills, as well as good qualities such as self-discipline and dedication to work. The experience enriched me and instilled in me a great sense of belonging. As a veteran of the local company, I intend to improve myself in the coming days, and I’m eager to reach higher goals along with the company.

Wonder Cipriani
Production analyst, MPE3 project company in Venezuela

Pursuing HSE Excellence

After CNPC took over the project, a major change was the heightened awareness of safety and environmental protection and improved compliance with a safety culture. Another obvious change has been stricter adherence to the laws of Ecuador in environmental protection, and occupational health and safety. For instance, the company launched a self-financed campaign to strengthen the treatment of solid and liquid waste. Now we can claim with confidence that AndesPetro is the best oil company in Ecuador, particularly in terms of environmental protection, safety and occupational health. In addition, we also boast top operating quality and strong technical competence.

Alfonso Carrera
Safety director, T Zone of Andes Petroleum Ecuador Ltd.

Winning Trust with Technology

We’ve been working with CNPC for four years, with considerable progress made together, on the strength of which our daily output has achieved an impressive four-fold increase to 120,000 barrels and is still steadily increasing. Enjoying tremendous advantages in technology and development experience, the CNPC team is simply irreplaceable. Although there are some cultural differences between us, we nonetheless help and support each other, sharing the same goal of further development in oil production.

Erwin Hernández
President of PDVSA-CNPC joint venture SINOVENSA

Caring for Community Development

Over the years, AndesPetro has forged and maintained a very good relationship with the Ecuadorian Ministry of Non-renewable Natural Resources, Petroecuador, and the Ecuadorian National Oil and Gas Administration. Not only has it drawn great admiration for maintaining the highest operational standards in environmental protection, but also won widespread acclaim for its community undertakings. I’d like to take this opportunity to congratulate AndesPetro on making such outstanding achievements in the fulfillment of its social responsibilities and the protection of the environment of the Amazon rain forest.

Wilson Pastor
Ecuadorian Minister of Non-renewable Natural Resources

  Major Events of CNPC in Latin America
  Acquired a service contract for Block 6 of Peru’s Talara Oilfield.

  Signed a cooperation agreement on the Orimulsion project with PDVSA.

  Purchased oil and gas assets of five blocks owned by Encana in Ecuador.

  Signed an agreement with PDVSA to expand cooperation in the Orinoco Oil Belt.

  Entered into an agreement with RECOPE to establish a joint venture refinery.

Jul. 1995

Apr. 2001

Sept. 2005
Mar. 2007
Nov. 2008

Oct. 1993
Jun. 1997
Nov. 2003
Aug. 2006
Feb. 2008
Dec. 2010

Acquired a service contract for Block 7 of Peru’s Talara Oilfield.

Won tenders for the Intercampo Oilfield and Caracoles Oilfield in Venezuela.

Acquired a 45% stake in Block 1AB/8 from PLUSPETROL.

Entered into a joint venture agreement with PDVSA to develop Zumano Oilfield.

Established a joint venture with PDVSA to operate the MPE3 project.

Signed a joint venture operation agreement with the Venezuelan Ministry of Energy and Petroleum on Block Junin 4 in the Orinoco Oil Belt.

This report is available in both printed form and electronic form. You may download the e-version at our website. For a printed copy, please send an email to