CNPC is engaged in the international trade and overseas futures business of crude oil, refined products natural gas and petrochemical products in the UK through PetroChina International (London) Co., Ltd. We have also established an oil and gas operation hub in London, serving as an important refiner and refined products supplier in the European market, with business covering trade, processing, transportation and warehousing.

CNPC conducts business in compliance with local laws and regulations. We spare no efforts to secure local energy supply, value and encourage diversity in the workplace, strive to build an inclusive corporate culture, and promote coordination and innovation, in order to enhance our business performance.

Oil and Gas Operations

Grangemouth Refinery

In 2011, PetroChina International (London) Co., Ltd and INEOS established two joint ventures, PetroIneos Trading and PetroIneos Refining. As an important part of PetroIneos Refining, Grangemouth Refinery is currently the only refinery in Scotland.

Conveniently located on the southern coast of Scotland, Grangemouth Refinery is a port refinery with an annual processing capacity of 10.5 million tons of crude oil and a storage capacity of 970,000 cubic meters.

European Operation Hub

In 2008, CNPC established the European operation hub in London to carry out trade and asset operations. Its trade activities cover the international trade of crude oil, refined products natural gas, electricity, and carbon emissions, and its asset operations cover the investment and business operations of processing, warehousing and transportation facilities of Grangemouth Refinery and Lavéra Refinery.