CNPC in Thailand

CNPC has been operating in Thailand since 1993, with business covering oil and gas investment and oilfield services. Currently, CNPC has concession contracts for two blocks: Banya Block and Block L21/43.

Adhering to the philosophy of “mutually beneficial and win-win cooperation for common development”, while carrying out oil and gas operation, CNPC actively fulfills its social responsibilities, organizes social welfare undertakings, and promotes the development of local enterprises, in order to help the communities enjoy higher incomes and more employment opportunities.

Oil and Gas Operations

Banya Block

Banya Block is located in western Phitsanulok Basin in the north-central plain of Thailand. The block has a production area of 11.15km 2 , and is developed under a contract valid until April 2021. CNPC is the operator of the block.

Block L21/43

Block L21/43 is adjacent to Banya Block. In July 2003, CNPC entered into a concession agreement on Block L21/43 with Thailand’s Ministry of Energy, which defined CNPC as the operator. In July 2012, the exploration period ended for Block L21/43, and is followed by a 20-year production period.