CNPC in Peru

CNPC entered Peru’s oil and gas market in 1993. As one of the largest crude oil producers and oilfield service providers in Peru, CNPC invests in and operates three blocks in the country, i.e. Block 6/7, Block 10/57/58 and Block 8.

We carry out oil and gas business in Peru following the principle of "mutually beneficial and win-win cooperation for common development". In addition to promoting local socioeconomic development, we pay constant attention to the impact of industrial development on the living environment of local residents, and looks for ways to strike a balance between oil and gas development and protection of the Amazon rainforest for sustainable development.

Oil and Gas Operations

Block 6/7

As CNPC’s first overseas project, Block 6/7 is situated in the central and south-central Talara Basin. Block 7 and Block 6 started oil development in 1874 and 1903 respectively, and both have a history of over a century.

Block 10/57/58

Block 10 is located in the Talara Basin in northwestern Peru and Block 57/58 is in the south-central basin of Peru. Blocks 10 and 57 are currently in operation, while commercial discovery of Block 58 was declared in November 2016. In April 2018,gas production capacity stood at 2 bcm/a in Block 57. The three blocks are all owned and operated by CNPC.

Block 8

In November 2003, CNPC acquired shares in Block 8 from Pluspetrol, to participate in the operation and management of the block. Block 8 is located in the northeastern tropical rainforest region of Peru. It is 980 kilometers from the capital, Lima. The block, covering an area of 1,824 square kilometers, has been in production since 1973.

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