Medical assistance in Tibetan “life forbidden zone” protected the health of local people

With an average elevation of more than 5,000 meters, Shuanghu County in Tibet is an administrative county with the worst natural environment across China and even in the world, and is dubbed the “life forbidden zone”.

Since 2009, CNPC has sent medical teams to Shuanghu County to study common and frequently-occurring diseases in the plateau, purchased necessary medical equipment, and provided medical staff with targeted medical services and training. We effectively improved local medical care and enhanced the ability of local residents to fend off disease risks. Since 2016, CNPC has stepped up its efforts to support medical care in Tibet, innovated ways of work, and sent doctors from Shuanghu to CNPC Central Hospital and other institutes for training in batches, greatly improving the local medical level and capabilities.

In 2017, the CNPC medical team successfully performed caesarean sections for two pregnant women on its medical visits in Shuanghu, overcoming harsh natural environments, poor medical conditions and high surgical risks. In 2019, CNPC invited the two mothers, their children and Qiangjiu Zhuoma, Director of Shuanghu People’s Hospital, to visit Tiananmen Square in Beijing.

Qiangjiu Zhuoma said: “Dramatic changes have taken place in our hospital over the years, thanks to CNPC’s medical assistance! At the beginning, there were only a dozen medical staff with poor medical expertise and simple equipment. Now, in contrast, we have more than 30 medical staff whose medical expertise has improved significantly after training; and our medical facilities are also getting better with laboratories, B-ultrasonic rooms and operating rooms equipped. Our hospital has developed into a county-level hospital integrating medical care, teaching, family planning services and preventive healthcare.

CNPC pays attention to the medical and healthcare development in poverty-stricken areas. We are committed to providing impoverished people with easy access to better medical and health services in order to prevent people from falling into poverty because of illness. We support local areas in strengthening their weakness in medical facilities and personnel, and help improve the physical condition of impoverished people to protect their health and well-being.

Improving medical care

Carried out regular medical visits and free clinic visits to poverty-stricken areas, benefiting more than 100,000 people.
Helped poverty-stricken areas build or improve township hospitals and clinics, and provided necessary medical equipment.
Organized training for doctors, nurses and other medical workers in rural hospitals and clinics to improve their medical skills, providing training for more than 2,400 medical staff in impoverished areas.

Providing medical assistance

Provided subsidies for critical illness treatment and rehabilitation for impoverished people to reduce additional burden caused by diseases.

Innovated medical assistance methods, and provided health insurance for impoverished people.

Invested RMB 3 million in establishing the “Tongzhou Health Poverty Alleviation Project” in partnership with the China Foundation for Poverty Alleviationand the Ai You Foundation. Under the project, we donated RMB 2 million for critical illness relief for people aged 20-60 in Hengfeng County in Jiangxi Province and Xishui County in Guizhou Province. We also insured 76,528 registered poor households in Xishui County in Guizhou Province.

Medical facilities and expertise improvement enabled affordable and easy medical treatment

Children’s medical charity program supported healthy growth

In partnership with the China Foundation for Poverty Alleviation and the Ai You Foundation, CNPC launched the children’s medical charity program under the “Tongzhou Health Poverty Alleviation Project” to protect the physical and mental health of rural left-behind children and kids in need. In November 2019, CNPC provided free medical treatment and medical assistance to children in Hengfeng County in Jiangxi Province.

Doctors from Jiangxi Provincial Children’s Hospital and Hengfeng County People’s Hospital provided free medical check for nearly a hundred children aged 0-14, answered questions from parents of patients, and educated them on how to prevent diseases and raise health awareness. We also provided relief funds for children eligible for medical relief under the program. Depending on differences in disease type and state, eligible impoverished families passed reviews could receive up to RMB 50,000 relief in treatment fees.

This program helps detect and treat children’s diseases in a timely manner, reduces the financial burden of impoverished families of patients, promotes the healthy growth of children and thus brings hope for impoverished families.

People with hearing impairments find it hard to communicate with others and participate in public life while treatment costs are often high for impoverished families. Since 2017, CNPC has installed cochlear implants for eight impoverished hearing-impaired people in Hengfeng County free of charge and also covered their post-operative rehabilitation expenses in an effort to restore their hearing to “hear” a better life.

One of the beneficiaries of this project is Su Zhen, a girl with hearing loss from an impoverished family. Her hearing impairment gradually led to complete hearing loss from 2005 to 2016. Having to quit her job, she found it hard to make a living and live a normal life, and was at a loss about her future. After learning about her plight, CNPC encouraged her to undergo cochlear implant surgery and paid her cochlear installation and post-operative recovery costs.

In 2018, she successfully completed the surgery, which restored her hearing and normal life. “I am very grateful to CNPC for this project. It has helped many people in need. Without you, I might still remain closed at home living a totally different life”, Su Zhen said excitedly.

A small cochlear implant is not only a miracle that changes the destiny of a patient, but also a miracle that may change the destiny of a family. CNPC’s help enables hearing-impaired patients to hear again and communicate with others normally, and more importantly, to create a better life for themselves and for their families.

Cochlear implants for hearing-impaired people helped them “hear” a wonderful world

People fallen into poverty because of illness is one of the main obstacles to poverty alleviation. CNPC provided medical assistance in Fanxian County and Taiqian County in Henan Province. We helped improve medical devices and expertise in community health centers and clinics in impoverished villages.

We invested RMB 12.6 million to build Traditional Chinese Medicine Hospital in Taiqian County and Township Health Center in Fan County. The hospital now has more than 20 clinic and medical departments, including traditional Chinese medicine (TCM)—based internal medicine, surgery, gynecology, pediatrics, acupuncture and physiotherapy, pain, emergency, CT and ultrasound diagnosis departments to meet the public demand for TCM diagnosis and treatment with nearly 200 outpatients per day and 3,134 in patients annually. The Luji Township Health Center in Fan County was put into use in 2016 and has improved the health conditions of 40,000 local people.

In addition, we also sent more than 70 experts from CNPC Central Hospital to Taiqian County and Fan County for medical visits, treating more than 2,050 patients and training 84 rural medical and healthcare workers.

With CNPC’s medical assistance, more and more people in Fan County and Taiqian County enjoyed better health condition, and have access to affordable, successful and convenient medical treatment. They are creating a happier future with their own hands.

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