Since the novel coronavirus outbreak, five hospitals affiliated to CNPC Gem Flower Healthcare Group have been designated for coronavirus testing, screening and confirmed cases treatment, 17 medical institutions set up fever clinics, and more than 10,000 medical staff remain on post to fully support China’s national efforts in epidemic prevention and control.

In the wake of the novel coronavirus outbreak, CNPC actively joins the national rush rescue by sending medical teams to Wuhan to help the city combat the epidemic. A total of 63 medical staff is now working in Wuhan’s 10 designated medical institutions including Zhongnan Hospital of Wuhan University and Renmin Hospital of Wuhan University.

In addition, hospitals under CNPC, such as Hebei CNPC Central Hospital set up medical treatment expert group to provide local medical assistance, and actively take up works such as registration and checks in traffic checkpoints, and door-to-door checks and record tracing, as part of the prevention and control efforts of the local government. Ningxia Gem Flower Hospital, Gansu Gem Flower Hospital and some other hospitals provide on-site staff health checkups for oilfields, as well as online medical consultations and telephone consultations in an effort to ensure health and safety of oilfield employees, their families and local community, and help enterprises to resume work in a safe manner.

“In the face of this sudden epidemic, the Chinese government and people are doing whatever it takes to win the battle. As a doctor, I feel duty-bound to do my part. We are together for the same goal, we will definitely bring our life back on track soon.” said Dong Tingting.

On January 26, Dong Tingting, ICU Deputy Head Nurse of CNPC Liaohe Oilfield Gem Flower Central Hospital, joined the first medical team of Liaoning Province in supporting epidemic prevention and control in Wuhan. Dong Tingting, born in 1988, is the youngest ICU chief nurse and deputy head nurse in CNPC Liaohe Oilfield Gem Flower Central Hospital.

“But for this epidemic, I would never have realized how brave I am.” said Xu Lichun, Team Leader of CNPC Gansu Gem Flower Hospital.

Of the 18 medical staff sent by CNPC Gansu Gem Flower Hospital, 10 were assigned to Wuhan Youfu Hospital. They worked around the clock in two shifts. Thanks to their all-out treatment efforts and intensive care, the patients with the novel coronavirus will be cured and discharged soon.

“As professional medical workers with a better understanding of the epidemic, we have nothing to fear, as long as we take effective protective measures.” said Hu Yao.

Hu Yao is the Chief Physician of the Department of Infectious Diseases of North China Petroleum General Hospital, and also a member of the Expert Group of Novel Coronavirus Treatment Team in Renqiu City. From the day when he stepped into the isolation ward, he was fully aware of possible “zero distance” contact risk with the novel coronavirus. However, he devoted himself to his work as a doctor without any hesitation.

“I hope we can do our part to win this fight against the epidemic!”

Zhang Yina is the head nurse of the operating room of North China Petroleum General Hospital, and has been working in the operation room for 24 years. She devoted herself to work, leading the nursing staff in the operation room to fight the epidemic on the frontline.

“I’m willing to give my light to more people.”

Liu Fengyun is the head nurse of the Obstetrics and Gynecology Department of the First Hospital of Langfang Mining Area of North China Petroleum General Hospital. She has worked for baby nursing for 18 years. Since the novel coronavirus outbreak, she remains on duty welcoming the birth of new babies one after another.

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