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Aligned with the UNSDG and through in-depth research and analysis of poverty-stricken areas, CNPC has identified key areas for poverty alleviation based on its resources and advantages, such as industrial development, enhancement of people’s livelihoods, intellectual support, medical care, employment, and consumption. The goal is to help build sustainable development and self-development capabilities and enhance people’s sense of gain and happiness.

For more than three decades, CNPC has conducted development-oriented poverty alleviation with multilateral cooperation, improved livelihoods of people with enhanced sustainable development capabilities, and provided intellectual support along the way. The company has set up a group of professionals, and a multi-dimensional model for development-oriented poverty alleviation. In line with local governments’ plans, from funding and resource integration to capacity building, CNPC has actively involved in the creation of an ecosystem where the advantages of professional institutions, enterprises, and the general public are leveraged for poverty elimination. More than 2,800 projects of over 1.8 billion yuan have been implemented. CNPC’s affiliated enterprises and institutions have provided paired assistance to local governments, helping reduce poverty in 1,175 villages. It is a delight that all of the 10 targeted counties were lifted out of poverty.

A number of projects for poverty alleviation through tourism, or ecological protection, or “Internet + Cooperatives” have been successfully rolled out. Homestays have revitalized Jiangzhuang Village in Taiqian County, a time-honored village seeing a tourism boom. Changting, a county in western Fujian province, is attracting tourists from all directions to view its vast expanse of ecological forests. The Ili River Valley, invigorated by ecological fruit forests, has ignited the hope and vision of the Chabuchar people. Internet Plus is gaining ground in impoverished counties, and has played an indispensable role in cultivating a great number of entrepreneurs. Through Internet Plus, local specialties in Xishui, Guizhou, have been delivered beyond the mountains, and melons from Balikun in Xinjiang have sold well across the country. Natural gas, a type of energy hailed as a “blessing”, has been made accessible to more than 4 million compatriots of all ethnic groups in five prefectures in southern Xinjiang...

Lifting people out of poverty is not an end in itself but a new starting point. CNPC will as always devote itself to development-oriented poverty alleviation, and further consolidate achievements and reduce relative poverty through an inclusive and sharing business model and continued charity work.

Poverty is a common challenge facing all countries in their pursuit of sustainable development. The United Nations has set “no poverty” as Goal 1 in its Sustainable Development Goals (SDGs) 2030. The Chinese government views winning the battle against poverty as an important task in building of a moderately prosperous society in all respects. It has therefore adopted a targeted poverty alleviation strategy, and explored a development-oriented poverty alleviation path with Chinese characteristics. Poverty incidence in rural China dropped sharply from 97.5% in 1978 to 0.6% in 2019, providing a basic guarantee for a moderately prosperous society in all respects. It is China’s experience in poverty alleviation that can be shared with the world.

As an energy company deeply rooted in China while having a global presence, CNPC has long been devoted to poverty alleviation with an innate sense of responsibility and mission. While contributing to sustainable, inclusive, and fair economic growth through its business activities, CNPC also participates in the government-leading efforts in development-oriented poverty alleviation, and explores effective models and paths to eliminate poverty.

CNPC’s Achievements in Poverty Alleviation in 2013-2020

Poverty Alleviation Projects Implemented in 2016-2020

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