CNPC in Ecuador

In February 2006, CNPC and Sinopec jointly established Andes Petroleum to acquire ENCANA’s oil assets in Ecuador. At present, Andes Petroleum invests in and operates five exploration and development blocks and one crude oil pipeline project.

The company adheres to the concept of “mutually beneficial and win-win development through cooperation” in its oil and gas operations in Ecuador. Leveraging its advantage in the integrated operation of upstream investment and oilfield services, CNPC works with its partners to overcome difficulties to help increase oil production and promote local economic development.

Oil and Gas Operations

E&P activities in Oriente basin

Andes Petroleum is the operator of five E&P blocks in the petroliferous Oriente basin, including Block Tarapoa, Block 14, Block 79, Block 83 and Block 17. It has been operating in Ecuador for over 10 years. Through innovative technology package that integrates “subtle trap-based oil finding theory, directional wells in mature oilfields, and short-flow processes in jungles”, production has constantly increased at mature fields with a development history of nearly four decades.

Case Stories