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I feel pleased to present the CNPC Corporate Social Responsibility Report 2020.

The year 2020 was an extremely unusual and challenging time. Due to the outbreak of the COVID-19 pandemic, various risks and conflicts were aggravated and intertwined, such as the deep economic recession, plummeting oil prices, sharp shrinking of oil and gas demand, intensified geopolitical instabilities and COVID-19’s adverse impact on overseas markets. All these had a huge impact on CNPC’s business operations. In the face of unprecedented risks and challenges, we endeavored to make progress while ensuring stability, seek opportunities and countermeasures, implement the strategies of resource, market, internationalization and innovation, and make effective performance in epidemic prevention and control, work resumption, business operations, reform and innovation, and other aspects. With such efforts, we achieved unusual operating resultsin an unusual year...

Special Report

Sustainable Energy Supply

·Energy and Future ·Technology and Innovation ·Clean Energy
·Climate Change ·Energy Cooperation

It is CNPC’s responsibility and mission to meet energy challenges and satisfy the ever increasing demand for low-carbon clean energy. To this end, we enhance technological innovation to continuously increase our efficiency in hydrocarbon development and utilization. We boost the natural gas industry, expand new energy business, and raise the proportion of clean energy in our energy supply. With these efforts, we strive to make contributions to the construction of a diversified, clean energy supply system and the prosperity of human society.

Responsible Operations

We are always committed to the principle of "people-centered, quality foremost, safety first, environment prioritized" to achieve "zero defects, zero injuries and zero pollution”. We regard minimizing environmental impact, reducing emissions, and providing high-quality products and services as the strategic foundation for the Company’s sustainable development. We continue to improve the quality management of products and services, and promote safe, environmentally-friendly and resource-saving operations, in order to promote the construction of an ecological civilization and develop a resource-saving and environmentally-friendly enterprise.

·Safe Operation ·Environmental Protection
·Products and Service ·Supply Chain Management

·Employees' Rights and Interests ·Career Development Platform
·Local Hiring and Diversity ·Physical and Psychological Health
·Caring for Employees

People-oriented Employee Development

Employees are our most valuable resource and asset, and the Company’s development and success are attributed to the joint efforts of all our employees. Upholding the people-oriented concept, we attach great importance to protecting employees’ legal rights and interests, build an effective platform for employees to develop, and promote employee localization and diversification. We care about the physical and psychological health and life of our staff, to make all employees benefit from our achievements and realize the common development of both our Company and employees.

Public Welfare

We always adhere to combining our business growth with sustainable development of the host countries in which we operate. We aim to become an outstanding business enterprise in the host country by attaching importance to people's livelihood and social progress, sharing development opportunities and resources with the local community, participating actively in the development of local communities and promoting harmonious economic and social development.

·Targeted Poverty Alleviation ·Supporting Education
·Promotion of Local Development ·Cultural Civilization
·Contributions to the Development of Overseas Communities

Corporate Governance

Sustainable Development Management

Communication with Stakeholders

We strengthened our supervision and accountability system, reinforced our auditing supervision with a focus on system building and fulfillment of responsibilities, and realized clear control objectives, effective integration of resources and optimal efficiency and effectiveness...

We aim to achieve the organic unity of economic, environmental and social responsibilities, and strive to become an outstanding global orporate citizen with higher profitability, stronger influence, and a greater reputation in society...

We adhere to the principles of honesty, interaction and equality, and actively establish and improve the mechanism of stakeholder participation...

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