The 27th World Gas Conference (WGC 2018) was held in Washington DC, the capital of the United States in June 25-29, 2018. Under the theme of “Fueling the Future”, WGC 2018 provided a great opportunity to discuss some core topics such as the biggest challenges and opportunities facing the global gas industry, the role of LNG in shaping the natural gas landscape, what next for the Asia Pacific gas market, and the future of Europe’s energy market.

CNPC attended the WGC 2018 and exchanged views with representatives from different countries on a wide range of topics, including the development trend of shale gas in China, new technologies for natural gas exploration and development, climate change, and environmental protection. The latest achievements of CNPC's natural gas business were also showcased at the exhibition.

At the conference and the exhibition, CNPC demonstrated its latest achievements in its natural gas operations.

CNPC has built four gas production bases in China, namely Changqing, Tarim, Sichuan and Qinghai, with a total annual production capacity of nearly 100 bcm. In 2017, we newly proved 570 bcm of natural gas in place, and produced 128.7 bcm.

CNPC boasts China’s largest natural gas producer and supplier.

We provide more than 71.1% of China’s total natural gas supply.

We operate 76.2% of China’s total gas pipelines.

CNPC's natural gas production accounts for 44.5% of the company's total production in toe.

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 Industrial CCS-EOR in CNPC's
 Jilin Oilfield
 Longwangmiao Gas Reservoir  Keshen Gas Field
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 Shale Gas E&P in Sichuan Basin  Sulige Gas Field  Yamal LNG
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  WGC 2018 Innovation Award
  Shale Gas Exploration and Development in China in the past 10 years
  CNPC's researchers and technicians submitted 85 paper abstracts to the conference, among which, 17 papers were accepted and 12 papers were briefed at the conference. In particular, Shale Gas Exploration and Development in China in the past 10 years, a paper published by Wang Hongyan, an expert from CNPC affiliated Research Institute of Petroleum Exploration Development (RIPED) , won the WGC 2018 Innovation Award in the categories of exploration and production ,which was the only award-winning work in this categories.
 Low-carbon Development
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The WGC 2018 featured more than 100 sessions, such as keynote speeches, keynote luncheons, current debates, industry insights, and technical tours. Participants had in-depth discussions on topics such as the development trend of natural gas in different regions, natural gas exploration and development technologies, construction of storage and transportation facilities, and operating economics of natural gas projects and products of natural gas projects and products. The WGC 2018 brought together more than 12,000 participants from 600 organizations from more than 100 countries and regions. More than 600 natural gas practitioners from all over the world shared their views.

CNPC Chairman Wang Yilin led a 50-member delegation to the conference, one of the largest delegations of the conference. The delegation had exchanges with the participants on the development trend of shale gas in China, new technologies for natural gas exploration and development, environmental protection and rational use of natural gas, and the application of Internet of Things and big data technology in natural gas development.
Wang Yilin made clear that at a time when the world is accelerating its transition to a future of diversified, clean and low-carbon energy, natural gas as the only low-carbon and clean fossil fuel, is the most realistic, feasible and accessible energy to consumers, and it therefore has a broad prospect for development. The WGC 2018 was held in a critical period of energy transformation, and therefore is of special historical significance and worthy of great attention from leaders and managers of the global oil and gas industry.
Li Luguang, Vice President of PetroChina, was invited to deliver a speech on “Accelerating the pace of shale gas E&P and effectively improving China's natural gas supply landscape”. He said that as China has become the world's fastest growing natural gas consumer market, developing natural gas is the best choice for improving the energy consumption mix and environmental quality. Natural gas is a focal point of the current world energy industry that has ushered in a golden age of development. It is therefore of special significance to China.

During the WGC 2018, Wang Yilin met with partners of CNPC and exchanged views on some major issues including promoting project cooperation, further expanding oil and gas trade in various regions, and exploring new cooperation opportunities worldwide, so as to facilitate mutually beneficial and common development.
CNPC & ExxonMobil
The two sides exchanged views on promoting project cooperation and further expanding regional oil and gas trade cooperation, expressing their wish to further expand the field of exchange and scope of cooperation and carry out more diversified cooperation.
CNPC & Chevron
The two sides pledged to further deepen and expand their consensus on cooperation throughout the industry chain, strengthen work team exchange and information sharing, give full play to their respective advantages, seek opportunities for global cooperation, and work together to meet the challenges facing the oil and gas industry.
CNPC & Chenier Energy
The two sides pledged that the work teams of both sides will make good preparations for gas supply in winter in 2018 to ensure the smooth implementation of the agreement, enhance bilateral cooperation, and strengthen exchanges of potential cooperation projects, so as to facilitate substantive progress in cooperation as soon as possible.
CNPC & Total
The two sides had an in-depth exchange of views on issues related to existing cooperation projects and pursuit of opportunities for new project cooperation.
The two sides pledged to strengthen communication and exchanges at all levels, deepen mutual understanding in various business areas, and expand global oil and gas cooperation covering the whole industrial chain under the framework of the strategic cooperation agreement.
CNPC & Eni Group
The companies had an in-depth exchange of views on further strengthening project cooperation in Mozambique and Kazakhstan.