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Our Policy

Human resources are the greatest asset of CNPC. We respect knowledge and innovation and strive for a fair, transparent and cooperative working environment. We protect employees' rights and interests and provide them with a development platform and space to align and harmonize their values with the values of the company.

CNPC always puts people first and values and safeguards the lawful rights and interests of the employees. We strictly comply with the Labor Law of the People's Republic of China, the Labor Contract Law of the People's Republic of China and the Trade Union Law of the People's Republic of China, relevant international conventions approved by the Chinese Government, and relevant laws, regulations of the host countries.

We promote the employment policies of equality and nondiscrimination, and provide equal opportunities and fair treatment to all employees regardless of nationality, race, gender, religion or cultural background; resolutely prohibit child labor and forced labor; and always aim to promote the employment of women and ethnic minorities. Specifically, we strictly implement the regulations on pregnancy, maternity and parental leave for female employees, and guarantee that the female employees enjoy equal compensation and benefits and career development opportunities.

By the end of 2016, we had 1,403,000 employees, 32% of which have a bachelor’s degree or higher. 34% of our employees are female in which 48 are senior executives and 1,842 are director-level employees. We recruited 3,091 college graduates and those who graduated from top universities and petroleum industry-related colleges accounted for 73%. 30% of the new recruits held a master’s degree or a doctorate.

Overseas, we attach great importance to human resources development and management to meet the increasing demand for talent in our international operations. We promote local hiring and workplace diversity and create a communicative, coordinated and harmonious workplace atmosphere. By the end of 2016, the company had a total of 50,870 foreign employees, with local employees accounting for 90% of our overseas workforce.