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Our People

CNPC has built a strong team of talents consisting of managers, professionals and operators led by national and corporate experts. In over 50 years of development, CNPC has attracted many of the nation's top talents. A great number of excellent employees of different nationalities and specializations have contributed to the growth of CNPC. By the end of 2016, we have 451 senior technical experts, 328 skilled experts, 18 academicians (including Chinese Academy of Sciences & Chinese Academy of Engineering) and 451 experts entitled to government special allowances in the company.

We promote overseas human resources management and development, to adapt to our fast developing international business situation, and to build a talent team and human resource management system appropriate for an integrated international energy company. To this end, we continue to push forward staff localization and talent diversification in overseas projects to create a multi-culture harmonious working environment, and provide a series of training for host country nationals.