CNPC and the Government of Tibet Autonomous Region sign a cooperation agreement

On September 16, CNPC and the Government of Tibet Autonomous Region inked a cooperation agreement, by which the two sides aim to accelerate the high-quality development of Tibet within the framework of the 14th Five-Year Plan of socio-economic and industrial development of the autonomous region. Advantages of CNPC in technology and management, and strengths of Tibet in resources, culture and industries will be leveraged in the cooperation.

Over the years, in addition to ensuring oil and gas supply in Tibet, CNPC has helped local governments in formulating industrialization plans based on local resource and environment conditions, funding assistance to local areas in improving people's livelihood, industries, education, health care and consumption, improving local living conditions, bridging education gap and increasing employment opportunities for local residents and Tibetan college graduates. Through these drives, the Company has made positive contributions in promoting the socio-economic development of Tibet.